Who really is paying at tax time?

If you are like many Americans, you recently finished working on your income tax returns for 2017. Oh, well. At least the government will be paid, you might ...

Take care driving through work areas

It is ironic that the men and women holding flags and stop signs to keep us safe while we drive through highway work zones are in more peril than ...

Taking our freedoms for granted

Isn’t it terrible how our children are being used and exploited these days? I’m not talking about pedophiles or child porn hucksters, although today’s ...

Ohioans deserve clean air and responsible development

Why Kim Jong-un went to Beijing


Murphy Leah and Darci Murphy of Marietta announce the birth of their daughter, Lorelai Greer David Murphy. She was born at 9:54 p.m., 12th of April at Marietta ...

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