Dodd-Frank should be repealed

Liberals in Congress are livid that conservatives would dare to meddle with the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law. It is needed to safeguard Americans against ...

Grads and alcohol are a bad mix

It’s that time of year when we look ahead to the transition to the next phase of life for high school seniors. They’re young. They’re ...

2017: Changing minds about climate change

Dr. Bob Chase, a regular contributor to Marietta Times “Viewpoint” recently expressed belief in Methane and CO2 emissions as sources of human caused climate ...

EVE, Inc. is committed to keeping families safe

Defining moment for peace in the Korean Peninsula

WSCC graduates

On Saturday, May 12, Washington State Community College (WSCC) held two commencement ceremonies to recognize nearly 300 graduates from the departments of Arts and ...

90th Birthday

Belpre Senior Center

Do you think the U.S.-North Korea Summit talks will happen?

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