Sweetapple Farm’s baby shower

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you think you might be in the doghouse for forgetting, perhaps a trip to the farm will save the day.

The second Farm Animal Baby Shower will be held at Sweetapple Farm in Vincent on Sunday and there will be cute little critters in abundance, according to owner Mona Barrett.

“We have baby goats, lambs, kittens, some calves and chicks that were just born,” she said. “Families can spend time interacting with each other at the farm – talk, laugh and make memories they will remember for a long time to come.”

The idea was hatched as a way for the farm to celebrate spring and rebirth. Mothers, children, grandparents, friends and family can visit the farm, pet and feed the animals and enjoy lunch, crafts and a hayride.

“It is a great opportunity for people who don’t live a farm life to come out and experience the fresh air, the animals and just being together,” Barrett said, adding that the event is something a bit different from the traditional Mother’s Day celebrations.

Children and parents will even learn a little something about the animals. For example, did you know that a male goat is called a buck but a baby boy goat is called a buckling?

Along with springtime activities and access to the garden, Barrett said there will be plenty of good food, including Sweetapple Farm-raised pulled beef sandwiches, Ohio apples and homemade caramel.

There is no admission price for the visit and donations of baby items will also be accepted for the Western Washington County Food Pantry.

“Baby items go pretty quickly for us,” said pantry coordinator Linda Allen. “We serve about 55 families monthly and could use larger size diapers, baby shampoo and lotion as well as larger baby items, such as cribs and high chairs.”

Sweetapple Farm has assisted the food pantry in the past with monetary donations made at the Live Nativity and by buying clothing from the thrift store to dress their scarecrows in the fall, according to Allen.

“They have been wonderful and the community out here has really stood behind us,” she said.

Sunday’s special Mother’s Day event will be held from noon until 4 p.m. Contact 678-7447 or sweetapplefarm.com for more information.