The promise of spring can be seen in blooming flowers

The promise of warm, sun-filled days are poking their tender shoots through the remnants of a challenging winter. Within a tiny, 40-square-foot plot of land on the west side of Marietta resides 160 bulbs (80 tulips and 80 daffodils), orange candle flowers and a variety of coreopsis. Solar, fairy lights, draped within the canopy of a well-established dogwood, illuminate the layers of plant materials that benches, stone and decorative pots allow.

Achieving this garden would normally entail a sizeable monetary sum, but resources are available that say otherwise. Donated perennials from my mother’s (Arlene Caldwell) nine gardens – featured on last summer’s Monroe County Garden Tour – now reside in my amazingly minute area at the entrance to my rental. A small plot of heavily mulched, amended soil showcases a powerful punch of color, texture and interest. It’s an example – utilized in my presentation for Marietta In Bloom – that one need not possess a large plot of land nor own their residence – to add beauty to our surroundings.

As a board member and speaker for the new grassroots organization, Marietta In Bloom, our goal is to add beauty throughout Marietta utilizing a variety of plant materials. We – all of Marietta’s residents – have an opportunity to enhance the appeal of our city. Whether it’s through a hanging basket, a potted plant sitting on your porch or a minute piece of property as my rental affords – we all have the opportunity to improve our lives as well as all those who traverse the streets of the first settlement of the northwest territory.

Avid gardeners – such as my mom and myself – love sharing our plant materials and knowledge, and both serve as an inexpensive means of creating a beautify oasis. Seek out a neighbor, whose plants you’ve always admired. Ask a master gardener, who can be located through our local Extension Office. Reach out to the countless garden clubs and organizations such as Marietta In Bloom (like us on Facebook). By doing so, we all reap the benefits of sharing a “start” – a tubular – a “piece” – a bulb.

Regardless of our residential status, we all possess the opportunity to augment our surroundings. Together, we can create the type of city that everyone wishes to live within, work and visit.

Let the show – promised by spring – begin!

Trish Caldwell-Landsittel lives in Marietta.