The little things can add up to a healthier life

When you just don’t feel like working out, do you …

Ever get home from a long day at work and just don’t feel like working out?

Ever hit the snooze button like five times because you just don’t feel like getting up and working out?

Ever have every intention of going to that Saturday workout class and then decide you would rather just skip the trip to the gym all together?

I have!

One of the great things about being a group exercise instructor is it pretty much nixes any excuse I may have to not work out! I love working out, staying active, and being healthy, but I would be lying if I said I always want to do these things.

I think it would be really awesome if ice cream was as good for you as vegetables. And I wish that lounging on our back patio drinking a root beer float would produce the same results as a 2-mile run followed by a protein shake!

Sometimes the things that are good for us aren’t always the easy, go-to choices. Some days are easier or harder than others. While most of the time I cannot wait to head to the gym and move my body, I definitely have my fair share of days where I would really just like to take a nap (I love naps).

So, on the days where we need a little extra motivation … I have an idea for us to try!

The snow and ice are past us …

The weather is warm and beautiful …

So, let’s get outside!

The Marietta Family YMCA is offering a new outdoor class! It is fun, and it is a great workout! At 6 p.m. on Mondays and 9:15 a.m. (before it is too hot!) on Wednesdays, the class meets at the YMCA to head outdoors for an exercise challenge! The instructor changes the workout to keep our muscles guessing. It is a total body-toning regimen, and it is outside! (No more snow shoveling workouts for me this year – this outdoor challenge is going to be so much more fun!)

The secret to living a healthy life is to have balance and consistency. Enjoy your life, take a day off here and there, but try not to go more than a day without doing something good for your body – even if it is something small! The little things add up and the small things are easy adjustments to your daily life. And also … you can join me for an outdoor adventure!

Kerry Jean Waddle has a M.A. in Health and Wellness, a B.A. in Physical Education and Health Education, has ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor Certifications, and is a YMCA personal trainer.