Devola multi-use trail benefits from support

The financial support provided by the grant awards to the Devola Multi-Use Trail (DMUT) from the Ohio Department of Health Program, Creating Healthy Communities (CHC), has provided important early support for trail development as well as leverage for our project that has resulted in considerable additional support. The initial grant to DMUT in 2015 from the CHC Program was the first grant received for our project and provided financial support for the initial construction of the trail and the building of a new bridge.

The most recent CHC grant has been used to build and surface the final section of the trail which we call the “Millgate Section.” This work was completed in 2016.

But equally important was the impetus that these grants have served as a testimony to the legitimacy and commitment of the DMUT Committee to the trail completion. This impetus has led to the leveraging of additional funds to support further trail development from many disparate sources such that the original “investment” of CHC grants has produced a return more than five times the value of the original funds. Leveraged funds have included the following organizations:

Among the early supporters of DMUT (shortly after our first CHC grant in 2015) which helped with the initial construction of the trail were:

¯ Marietta Rowing and Cycling Club (two grants of $2,000)

¯ Individual donors ( $1,100)

¯ Marietta Community Foundation ( $10,000)

¯ Peoples Bancorp Foundation ($2,500)

¯ Dr. Zane Lazer (private amount)

¯ Smith Concrete ($2,000)

Recent donations which have assisted with expanding and paving the trail and with trail accessories include:

¯ The Sisters Health Foundation has provided a grant of $4,912 in 2016-2017 for the purchase of four high-quality outdoor benches and two attractive and durable waste receptacles.

¯ Dynegy Corporation of Marietta donated a grant of $2,000 in March 2017 to cover costs of paving part of the DMUTrail.

¯ The Wood/Washington/Wirt Interstate Planning Commission has granted $139,000 to the project to support the costs of an engineering study to determine the best options for connecting the DMUTrail to the Marietta River Trail and to Devol’s Dam State Park.

¯ The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has awarded the project $149, 120, to begin in spring 2017, for paving of the trail and other trail improvement to prepare the trail for connections to the Marietta River Trail and to Devol’s Dam.

Submitted by George Banziger, DMUT Grants Coordinator & Paul Lewis, Chairman, DMUT Committee. Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) appears monthly on the Life page.