10 years in prison for attack in Belpre

The third person involved in an attempted murder in Belpre last June pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Thursday in Washington County Common Pleas Court.

James Andrews, 37, of Ridgewood Blvd., Belpre, pleaded guilty to felonious assault, a second-degree felony, for the incident in Judge Mark Kerenyi’s courtroom.

Randy Thompson, 33, of 811 Seventh St., Parkersburg and Cortney Renee Thomas, 24, of 1922 Seventh St., Apt 8, Parkersburg, both previously pleaded guilty to felonious assault and are serving time.

According to police and prosecutors, the three were in a vehicle on Drag Strip Road in Belpre when the victim, Michael Redman, arrived to meet Thomas. Upon being followed by their car, Redman stated that he pulled into a driveway and was boxed in. Thompson fired a .22 caliber pistol at Redman which missed the mark.

Redman was chased by the trio’s car and Andrews reportedly shot buckshot out of a shotgun while leaning out of a back window. The shot shattered Redman’s back window and barely missed his head.

Thompson pleaded guilty to felonious assault and was sentenced on Nov. 3 to eight years in prison. Thomas pleaded guilty to felonious assault and was sentenced to five years in prison on Dec. 15.