More blues

After two days and eight performers another edition of the River City Blues Festival in Marietta is in the books.

Peggy Bolen, a member of sponsoring organization The Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society, said the festival brings fans from near and far for two days of nothing but their favorite style featuring big name acts in blues and jazz every year.

Saturday’s event featured the Schools That Rock in a concert that was free of charge. Bolen said the group of local middle and high school students under the supervision of Mark Doebrich was very well received by the audience.

Bolen said the festival features national acts and a variety of genres within the blues musical spectrum. One of Saturday’s performers, John Primer and the The Real Deal Blues Band, was example of the genres featured, she said.

“John Primer is an older Chicago Blues musician still touring today,” she said. “What you hear from him is the classic blues from the 1940s and 1950s, Chicago Blues.”

Other acts during the day were Kansas City Blues, soul, rhythm and blues and zydeco a Cajun style mixing rhythm and blues, funk and rock and roll.

Saturday night featured an act Bolen said will be a major star in blues and jazz.

“We have Samantha Fish tonight,” she said. “She is a phenomenon and you need to see her now before she becomes incredibly famous. By then we won’t be able to afford her.”

Johnny and Nancy Woodson, of Cleveland, said they have made several trips to Marietta to see many of their favorites.

“We usually come every year,” he said. “We’ve come for the last 10 years.”

This year Johnny said they came to see John Primer and the The Real Deal Blues Band. Nancy said she too wanted to see Primer since he is a favorite for both of them.

Johnny said they have seen many memorable acts at the festival.

“We saw some of the old-time acts like Johnny Rawls and Little Arthur Duncan,” he said. “There’s been a whole bunch over the years.”