Conceal, carry rules adapted for county workers

The Washington County Commissioners voted Thursday to approve language added to the concealed carry policy that would allow employees to be armed within certain county buildings.

The addition to the policy states that “the county may permit non-law enforcement officer employees possessing a valid CCW license to carry a concealed handgun while on duty, only within county buildings where concealed carry is otherwise permitted. Such permission is at the sole discretion of the county and, at a minimum, will require employees to execute an Acknowledgement, Agreement and Waiver and Release. This privilege is revoked for any employee that is actively or becomes under disciplinary action during tenure of employment with the county.”

“As of March 21, the state legislature has made it legal for a concealed carry holder to carry a weapon if they’re in a county building as long as it is not the court, the jail or a school, and there may be others but that’s a rough synopsis,” explained Commissioner David White. “We’re simply acknowledging that and putting it into the (policy) and designating that buildings that are not in those restricted categories will be permitted here in Washington County. That would include the commissioners’ office, the EMA office, the Board of Elections, the highway department and the health department.”

Employees would be required to sign a waiver releasing the county of any liability and anyone under disciplinary action would not be allowed to carry even if in possession of a permit under the matter has been resolved.

Also on Thursday, commissioners brought back to the table a Memorandum of Understanding with Dan Breece, medical director of Emergent and Urgent Care Services for the Memorial Health System. The memorandum states that Breece would provide medical directorship oversight to all EMS services in Washington County and would thereby be eligible for county liability coverage. The commissioners voted not to approve the memorandum.

“I recommend that we vote against the memorandum because (the EMS) is not a county organization and there would be no benefit to doing this,” White said.

Also Thursday, Commissioner Ron Feathers nominated Brian Waller, local business owner of Jani-Source, to fill one of three vacant positions on the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority board.

“I think he would be a good candidate as a business owner. He has been very involved in economic development in the city of Marietta and is involved in the county,” Feathers said.

Waller was then confirmed and appointed by all three commissioners.

Upcoming dates

¯ Courthouse closed May 29 for Memorial Day.

¯ Joint Solid Waste meeting June 12 at Lori’s Family Restaurant Caldwell.

¯ County Home meeting June 13.