Tour to tell WWI soldiers’ stories

The Castle organizes event to be held at Mound Cemetery

The Castle of Marietta is going to be taking residents through Mound Cemetery next Saturday to explore the stories World War I soldiers buried there.

“This is the centennial edition tour of the Mound Cemetery where we will talk about the veterans that are buried there,” said Scott Britton, executive director of the Castle. “We will be talking about each of the 20 soldiers’ stories that were part of World War I.”

According to Britton, there are two members of the Marietta Ambulance Corps buried there including Marietta resident, Barb Moberg’s great-grandfather’s brother’s son, Beman Dawes Jr.

“I love seeing the connection between history and people now including my family,” said Moberg. “Scott does such a great job of bringing these people to life not just with historical facts but personal experiences each of these people had.”

The World War I Soldiers of the Mound Cemetery tour is next Saturday at 10 a.m. It only costs $5 to jump back in time and learn about the people of Marietta that had a part of World War I.

“The Ambulance Corps was actually one of the first groups to land in France and we will be talking about that,” said Britton. “It isn’t just the history of World War I but history of the town during this time and Marietta College.”

Anyone wanting to go on the tour can meet at the front gate of the Mound Cemetery located at Fifth and Scammel Streets in Marietta. For more information, contact the Castle at 740-373-4180.

Tour to tell WWI soldiers’ stories