Reports/Washington County

¯ Bruce Edward Ashby, 34, of 111 1/2 Terrace Ave., Marietta, was arrested Wednesday for making terroristic threats, a third-degree felony. Ashby became angry with officers on Tuesday as they assisted in a custody situation involving his children. He later posted threats on Facebook, including “Law Enforcement has earned the bullet. (Fair) game,” “shoot first it’ll be ok” and “nothing personal just end them.”

¯ On Monday, deputies responded to 867 Riggenbach Hill Road, Fleming, in reference to an alleged assault with a weapon. Stephanie J. Williams, 41, advised she was driving her vehicle when another vehicle blocked her and a male and a female approached her. She said they dragged her from her vehicle, assaulted her by punching her in the face and cutting her with what she thought was a razor blade. Williams states the two unidentified individuals also stole her medication. The Warren Volunteer Fire Department Squad was standing by preparing to render aid to Williams. Wiliams then told a deputy that her original story was fabricated. Williams was placed under arrest for falsification.

¯Deputies responded to 640 Calder Ridge Road, Belpre, on Tuesday in reference to Natasha Copen, of 640 Calder Ridge Road, Belpre, reporting that Michael Bailey pushed her out of the camper they live in, causing her harm. Deputies viewed injuries to her elbow consistent with her story. Bailey said he did not push Copen, he was simply trying to get past her to leave the camper, causing her to fall outside. Michael Allen Bailey, 20, of 418 4th Ave., Parkersburg, was arrested for domestic violence. Copen also requested a temporary protection order.

¯ A deputy came in contact with Amanda and Brian Edgar along with their 6-year-old child while investigating an unrelated complaint in Barlow Township on Sept. 13.The child was filthy, clothes were too small and the child had no socks or shoes on. The child had a severe infestation of head lice and hair appeared to be filthy and was matted on the scalp and the child had not eaten that day. The child appeared to be of school age and when asked why the child wasn’t in school, Amanda Edgar advised that the child had not been enrolled yet. The truancy officer of the Marietta City Schools was contacted and a meeting was set up for the family. Amanda and Brian Edgar were also instructed to contact the child’s pediatrition to obtain treatment for the head lice. On Sept. 15, the deputy followed up with the child’s pediatrician’s office and was advised that no calls had been made on behalf of the child for any reason. She also learned that no attempts were made to enroll the child in any of the city schools on this date. On Monday, the deputy located the child in Marietta Township at his or her grandfather’s camper. The child had been dropped off four days prior by the parents, who had never returned. The conditions of the camper were not suitable for the child and the camper was without proper plumbing. Children Services arrived on scene to transport the child to their office to place the child into an appropriate foster home. A summons was requested for Amanda Edgar, 29, and Brian Edgar, 30, of 445 Goss Fork Road, Whipple, for child endangerment.

¯ A deputy was dispatched to Adams Township on Wednesday in reference to a vehicle falling on top of her neighbor while he was changing the oil. Before arriving, Lowell-Adams Fire Department had been on scene and was transporting the subject to Marietta Memorial Hospital. The subject’s injuries were not life threatening and due to this being an accident, this case is closed.

Arrests/Washington County

¯ Michelle Lynn Snider, 46, of 1314 Glendale Road, Marietta, was arrested Tuesday for obstructing official business and breach of recognizance, both misdemeanors.

¯ Michael Allen Bailey, 20, of 418 4th Ave., Parkersburg, was arrested Tuesday for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

¯ Chadrick Earl Parsons, 31, of 1036 Campbell Road, Ellenboro, W.Va., was arrested Tuesday for trafficking in drugs, a felony and drug possession a misdemeanor.

¯ Amanda Jo Hogue, 38, of 63 Gaines Trailer Court, Ellenboro, W.Va., was arrested Tuesday for drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor, and drug possession a felony.

¯ Josey Cheyenne Barton, 26, of 806 Front St., Marietta, was arrested Tuesday for OVI and failure to reinstate an operator’s license.

¯ James Tyler Morgan, 24, homeless, of Vienna, was arrested Wednesday for theft, a felony, and drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

¯ Bruce Edward Ashby, 34, of 111 ¢ Terrace Ave., Marietta,was arrested Wednesday for making terrorist threats, a felony.

¯ Dustin Ray Riley, 32, of 735 Seventh St., Marietta, was arrested Thursday on a warrant for contempt of court order, a felony.