Air alert issued, Wood County Schools closed

At 7 p.m. Sunday, the Wood County Unified Command issued a Voluntary Shelter statement.

Due to the anticipated change in weather conditions at the industrial fire located at 3801 Camden Ave., the smoke cloud may be driven closer to the ground effecting homes in the immediate area.

For those persons that may be effected or prefer to avoid these conditions the American Red Cross has established a voluntary shelter at the South Parkersburg Baptist Church located at 1655 Blizzard Drive, Parkersburg.

Wood County Schools will not be holding Monday classes as a result of the Ames Plant fire which broke out early Saturday morning in south Parkersburg.

Wood County Schools Superintendent John Flint said school and county officials met Sunday to review the situation and decided to cancel school in Wood County for Monday due to weather forecasts and concerns about the smoke and emissions.

School officials plan to meet again Monday with county and emergency services to make decisions regarding Tuesday classes and beyond.