New Marietta Times App for Apple iOS users

The Marietta Times rolled out a new application for users of Apple devices over the weekend with the release of the 2.0 version of the application used to access digital content on smart phones and tablets.

“The new app meshes well with, which was updated a year ago to be more mobile friendly,” said Art Smith, online manager for the newspaper. “The reading experience on both the web and the app are now very close.”

Some readers prefer to use the app over the website.

“When Apple forced out the iOS 11 operating system recently the old app would no longer work. We are pleased to be able to now offer it to our readers,” added Smith.

The app is one of two that readers can download. The other is the All-Access app. It allows subscribers to read the entire printed newspaper on their smart phone or tablet device.

Readers can download the app from App Store. Depending on how users have their phones set up, the old app may have automatically updated.

An updated Android app will be released soon.

The mobile apps get more than a quarter million pageviews per month from thousands of readers.