Teen of the Week: Newport teen learns by giving back to community

Ryan Lamp

Ryan Lamp of Newport will be well ahead of the game when he’s ready for college next year.

The Frontier High School senior is spending his last two years of high school taking some advance core courses at Washington State Community College.

Holly Cunningham, counselor at FHS, described Lamp as a quiet student who is a hard worker and maintains a 4.0 grade point average. But she noted he also finds some time to volunteer in the community.

Question: How did you first become involved in community service?

Answer: I used to attend Upward Bound every summer. It’s a five-week program at Marietta College. We stayed in dorm rooms there and took classes at Washington State. Every Friday we did a different community service like painting the building for the local humane society or work in the community garden in Marietta.

Q: Do you still volunteer?

A: Yes. Most of my community service now is with the food pantry in Newport.

I spend every third Saturday helping hand out boxes of food at the pantry. And sometimes I help pack the boxes on the previous Monday.

My mom encouraged me to get involved there last year and I just kept going. I plan to continue doing that as long as I’m still in this area.

Q: What have you learned from that community service?

A: I realize there are a lot more people in need than I thought. Some are people I never would have expected to need that help. And I would encourage other students to get involved, too. It doesn’t take a lot of time. A couple hours on a Saturday isn’t that bad.

Q: You’ve been taking courses exclusively at Washington State Community College since your junior year at Frontier High?

A: Yes. I’ve completed all my high school credits and am now taking math and science classes, calculus and physics, at WSCC (toward core college credits). I’ve always tended more toward math and science than English or history.

College classes are tougher and more challenging. But I’ll graduate with the Frontier High Class of 2018 next spring.

Q: Do you plan to continue in college after graduation?

A: I want to attend West Virginia University in Morgantown and major in forensic and investigative science.

Q: You obviously have an interest in that area of law enforcement?

A: Yes. I’ve always watched TV shows like “CSI,” “NCIS” and “Law and Order.” I recently toured the WVU campus. They have a forensic program that’s all set up with makeshift houses and crime scenes for investigation. College seems like a big step, but since I’ve participated in the Upward Bound program I feel more prepared. And I am looking forward to graduation.

Sam Shawver conducted this interview. If you would like to nominate an outstanding teen for our weekly Teen of the Week series, email news@mariettatimes.com.

Ryan Lamp

¯ Age:17.

¯ School: Frontier High School and Washington State Community College.

¯ Year in school: Senior.

¯ Family: Father, Mike Lamp; mother, Christy Lamp.

¯ Activities: National Honor Society and Upward Bound.

¯ Future plans: Attend West Virginia University majoring in forensic and investigative science.