City plans full-court press vs. leaves

Marietta City Streets Crews have begun sucking up leaves along tree lawns in the city this week just as many of the city’s leaves have fallen.

And once final hot mixing items are done next week Streets Superintendent Todd Stockel said both crews will be able to knock out more streets at the same time.

“We’re going through Front (Street) through Tenth Street right now between Putnam and Marion,” said Stockel . “(Today) we’ll go southbound on Front and north on Second, snaking through the streets back and forth the rest of this week.”

Stockel said the timeframe from when the no parking signs are posted on the side of the street to when crews will be passing along are within a day.

“At this point in time we’re focusing on that first pass and we encourage residents to bring leaves to the curb but not dump them in the streets,” said Safety-Service Director Jonathan Hupp.

“By the time they get done with the cross streets the second crew will be able to join them and split up coverage of Norwood, the lower west side, Harmar Hill, Colegate and Rathbone neighborhoods.”

Stockel said he will provide additional announcements to the Times in the coming weeks before the trucks move to those neighborhoods and Hupp added that residents are always welcome to utilize the city’s contract with Rumpke and Greenleaf Landscapes to dump bags of leaves at the compost pile.

“The way it is set up, Greenleaf is part of our Rumpke package,” explained Hupp.

“Residents can go to Greenleaf and fill out the log book with your address and the number of bags of leaves you have, then you go to the (Ohio) 821 site and dump your bags.”

Hupp said the purpose of the check-in at the landscape store is for accounting purposes between the local business and Rumpke.

He also said no further discussion has been explored on any other drive-thru dumping locations for city leaves this year.

At a glance

¯ Residents are reminded that raking leaves off the curb into roadways is illegal.

¯ All curbs are considered a part of the system of storm drains that carry water off city streets.

¯ Residents are asked to keep all leaves between the curb and existing sidewalk until the streets crew can pick them up with the leaf machine.

¯ “No Parking” signs will be set one day in advance of leaf pickup on each street.

Source: Marietta Streets Superintendent Todd Stockel.