Husband accused of attempted murder

Series of events includes abduction, burglary, ramming trailer, police say

From staff reports

A St. Marys man has been charged with attempted aggravated murder after striking a Marietta home with his truck while allegedly trying to run his wife over.

Craig M. Cox, 27, of 1822 Jonestown Road, has also been charged by Marietta police with burglary, a fourth-degree felony and abduction, a third-degree felony. The attempted murder charge is a first-degree felony.

The crash involved a mobile home on Pennsylvania Avenue and took place about 7:30 a.m. Monday, according to a release from the Marietta Police Department.

Cox’s wife, Ayla-Marie Satin Cox, 25, said the two had been out driving when her husband parked in the Marietta Shrine Club lot. She said he no longer recognized her and did not know who he was. He then accused her of killing his family, whom he claimed he could see dead in the truck with him. According to the release, Cox then tied his wife’s feet together with a bandanna and talked about ways he would kill her and dispose of the body.

Police say after two hours Ayla convinced him to let her use the bathroom. When she exited the truck, she ran to the porch of nearby mobile home for help. Cox then allegedly rammed the mobile home with his truck with enough force to move the trailer several inches and cause disabling damage to the truck. Ayla was able to jump off the porch prior to impact.

As officers arrived, they found Cox trying to enter a stranger’s apartment. Brenda K. Blackwell, 65, of 220 Pennsylvania Ave., told police she woke up to find Cox inside the apartment. When she asked what he was doing there, he replied “It doesn’t matter” and walked away.

Cox was medically cleared at Marietta Memorial Hospital before his arrest.