Ohio Valley ESC honors assistance efforts

The Ohio Valley Educational Service Center (ESC) held its 14th annual Leadership Day on Aug. 3, 2017 for their 12 districts/leadership teams this year. For the last six years, the Ohio Valley ESC has chosen exemplary individuals, within the ESC, who have gone above and beyond in support of educational opportunities for students. This year was no different.

The Ohio Valley ESC presented Mark Nutter, Washington State Community College, and Mark Schwendeman, Schwendeman Agency, Inc., with the Difference Maker Awards. They both have shown tremendous support in the Ohio Valley Student Readiness Collaborative (SRC), a program in which the Ohio Valley ESC developed. The SRC includes every high school and career center in Guernsey, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, and Washington counties, and six institutions of Higher Education. The project is designed to better prepare junior and senior students for college, career and life through initiatives focused on academics, career development, and life skill education.

The main goals of the project are to increase the number of students who are college ready, create a culture of seamless collaboration between educators of high school and higher education, and provide high quality professional development for educators.

Nutter currently serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Washington State Community College (WSCC) in Marietta, Ohio. He has been with the college for 25+ years. Dr. Nutter is the representative for WSCC in the SRC project. He offers great feedback to what colleges expect from incoming students and in return helps the SRC develop ways to better prepare students to become college ready.

Dr. Nutter and WSCC have opened their doors to host many of our professional development sessions with our math and english language arts teacher teams.

Mark Schwendeman is a principal and president of the Schwendeman Agency, Inc. He has been in the insurance business for 25+ years. Schwendeman and Schwendeman Agency, Inc. are supporters of the SRC.

They have generously donated to the project and helped sponsor the Fall Summit for the Junior students in the project last year. This summit focused on developing leadership, teamwork, and other life skills.

With the continued support of businesses such as Washington State Community College and Schwendeman Agency, Inc., the SRC will continue to grow and have a greater impact on students who will be college ready.