¯ Anita L. Powell reported Friday that while one of her consumers was out shopping his money was stolen from the purse of an employee who was accompanying him. Cash and a prepaid card belonging to Kevin D. Love, of 219 Edgewood Drive, were taken.

¯ During a traffic stop Saturday in the 600 block of Front Street a K9 indicated on the vehicle and a syringe and methamphetamine were found in the vehicle and on a passenger, Christopher Sciance, of 243 Muskingum Drive. He was charged with possession of meth and drug abuse instruments.

¯ Eugene R. Offenberger, of 106 Plum St., Apt. 1, reported Saturday that his truck had been stolen. He said he last saw it on Sept. 30.

¯ An officer was dispatched Saturday to the corner of Harmar and Lancaster streets in reference to a dog bite. It was found that two dogs escaped a backyard and bit a man down the street. The man had minor wounds and was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital. The dogs were caught and placed into confinement. The owner was contacted.

¯ Big Lots, 13 Acme St., reported a shoplifter on Saturday. It was found that Courtney Smith, of 3075 Williamstown Pike, Williamstown, had placed items in her purse and left the store, before emptying them into a car and re-entering the store to steal more items. Smith was arrested for theft.

¯ On Saturday, the police department received a call of a hit-skip traffic crash in the 700 block of Greene Street. An officer located the suspect vehicle in the 100 block of Putnam Avenue and performed a traffic stop. It was learned the driver, Terry H. Ullum, of 62867 State Route 124, Long Bottom, had an active felony warrant out of West Virgina. He was arrested on the warrant and also charged with OVI, hit-skip, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

¯ On Saturday, officers responded to a disturbance at the Comfort Inn. A man told officers he was with a woman he met online and that she became very paranoid after smoking crack cocaine and methamphetamine. The woman was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital. Drug paraphernalia was also recovered.

¯ On Monday, police responded to Marietta Memorial Hospital in reference to a DOA brought in by the fire department. It was learned the person was on significant medication. The coroner was contacted and advised the body be held for an autopsy.

Reports/Washington County

¯ A deputy responded to Warren Township on Nov. 7 in reference to two subjects fighting. This case is still under investigation at this time to determine if charges will be filed.

¯ A deputy responded to Dunham Township on Friday in reference to domestic violence incident. In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

¯On Friday, a deputy responded a bridge on Cats Creek Road about the 1.5 mile marker in Lowell. At that location he located four bags of garbage that had been thrown off the bridge and into the creek. Upon retrieving the trash, the bags were checked for identifiers, with an October 2017 Dominion Hope Gas bill in the trash. This bill was addressed to Cory M. Hooper, of 110 Indian Run Road, Marietta. A summons is being requested for Hooper for littering through Marietta Municipal Court.

Warrants/Washington County

¯Mark E. Macaulay, of 2414 Norris Ave., Belpre, failure to appear for pretrial, original charge domestic violence.

¯ Christopher W. Radcliff, of 1072 Leith Run Road, New Matamoras, failure to appear, original charge possession of drugs.

¯ Charles R. Miller, of 910 Caywood Road, Marietta, failure to appear, original charge robbery.

¯ Ashley D. Mahoney, of 595 W. 5th St., Chillicothe, failure to appear, original charge breach of recognizance.

¯ Chad W. Williams, of 4492 Anderson Road, Fleming, failure to appear, original charge violating protection order or consent agreement.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

¯ Grant Allen Weihl, 18, of 35 Davis Road, Watertown, was arrested Friday for underage consumption of alcohol, a misdemeanor.

¯ Brendan Michael Dailey, 20, of 135 Center St., Waterford, was arrested Friday for underage consumption of alcohol, a misdemeanor.

¯ Robert Earl O’Brien, Jr., 35, of 343 Main St., Lower Salem, was arrested Friday on two warrants for failure to appear and nonsupport of dependents, both felonies, having weapons under disability, drug instrument possession, burglary, receiving stolen property, safecracking and theft, all felonies, and failure to comply to order/signal, a misdemeanor.

¯ Steven Lee O’Brien, 28, of 343 Main St., Lower Salem, was arrested Friday on a warrant for drug paraphernalia, a felony.

¯ Jerod Scott Williams, 30, of 1605 Farson St., Belpre, was arrested Friday for receiving stolen property, a felony.

¯ Christopher Adam Sciance, 27, of 245 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, was arrested Saturday for drug possession, drug instrument possession and illegal conveyance weapon/items in detention facility, all felonies.

¯ Courtney Taylor Smith, 26, of 388 Oak Grove Road, Williamstown, was arrested Saturday for theft, a misdemeanor.

¯ Skyler Michael Paul, 25, of 1314 Glendale Road, Marietta, was arrested Saturday for two counts of receiving stolen property, both felonies and on a warrant for burglary, a felony.

¯ John Nicolas Wooten, 26, of 4450 Barnett Ridge Road, Fleming, was arrested Sunday for fugitive from justice, a misdemeanor.

¯ Terry Harold Ullum, 58, of 62867 State Route 124, Long Bottom, was arrested Sunday for fugitive from justice, a felony, drug paraphernalia and drug possession, both misdemeanors.

¯ Sheena Dee Kidd, 31, of 587 Morris Loop Road, Marietta, was arrested Sunday for theft, a misdemeanor.

¯ Donald Lee Bernard, Jr., 25, of 105 Elm St., Shawnee, was arrested Monday for parole violation, a felony.

¯ Daniel Hendrickson, Jr., 30, of 111 W. Montgomery St., Lot 16, Marietta, was arrested Tuesday for FRA suspension and failure to register, both misdemeanors.