Reports/Washington County

¯ Michael Simons, of 1674 McGill Road, Vincent, reported a a stolen license plate on Saturday. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy responded to Belpre Township on Saturday in reference to a possible domestic incident. In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

¯ On Saturday, a deputy was dispatched to the Pit Stop gas station at 3355 State Route 821, Marietta, to a report of two subjects in a silver van possibly using drugs in the parking lot. Contact was made with the driver, Aaron Cain, whose license was suspended. The passenger, Jodi Cain, was also checked and she was found to be suspended as well. Aaron Cain advised that he drove the vehicle to that location and knew his license was suspended. They both gave consent to search the vehicle and located on the front passenger seat was a small baggie of marijuana. Jodi stated the marijuana was not hers, but she could not give a reason for it being between her and a blanket that was covering it. The drugs were taken into evidence, and weighed 1.49 grams. A summons will be requested for Jodi Lynn Cain, 33, of 16687 State Route 339, Dexter City, for possession of marijuana. A citation was issued to Aaron Cain, of 16687 Crooked Tree Road, Dexter City, for driving under suspension.

¯ On Saturday, Christopher Sciance was brought to the Washington County Jail by the Marietta Police Department on charges of drug possession and drug instrument possession. He told the corrections officers he may have meth in his pocket. An officer found a plastic baggie containing a white crystal-like substance. Also in the pocket was an orange substance wrapped in plastic. Sciance later stated the orange substance was suboxone, and the white substance was meth. He was charged with conveyance into a correctional facility, a third-degree felony, and processed into the Washington County Jail on all charges.

¯ Ashley Henthorne, of 15 Dunbarger Road, Lowell, reported Sunday that Deandre Jones was at the residence and would not leave. She said as they argued he slapped her in the face, grabbed her and punched her. He then broke a sliding glass door when she locked him out of the house. Through further investigation it was learned Jones had also kicked and broke a fish tank sitting at the rear of the residence and also attempted to damage the fire pit. Jones had left the residence prior to deputies arriving. Henthorne said she wanted to file a protection order. A warrant is being requested for Deandre Leon Jones, 30, of 1006 14th St., Parkersburg, on a charge of domestic violence.

¯ Samantha Marsee, of 117 Buells Circle, Marietta reported Tuesday that her live-in boyfriend, Curtiss T. Davis, cut himself with a saw. Deputies along with the Reno Volunteer Fire Department Squad responded to the location. Davis appeared to be bleeding from his throat area. Davis was advised that the squad was there to assess his injuries at which time he became evasive and started to stand from his seated position. Due to the unknown cause of injuries and potential safety hazards deputies attempted to restrain him. Davis became physically resistant to the point a Taser had to be utilized to gain control of him. Once control was gained of Davis he continued to be physically resistant combative with deputies. Deputies then learned Davis used a battery powered circular saw to cut his throat in an apparent suicide attempt. Davis was transported to a medical facility to have his condition assessed. Marsee said the day before Davis had also taken her phone from her, thrown her on the bed and held her there, placing her in a chokehold. Marsee stated she was in fear for her safety during the altercation, further advising that she did not want to press charges and only believed that Davis needed help. Marsee declined a protection order against Davis. A warrant is being requested through Marietta Municipal Court for the arrest of Curtiss Taylor Davis, 28, of 117 Buells Circle, Marietta, for domestic violence.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to 1910 State Route 550, Cutler on Saturday in reference to Troy Poirier and Robert Ruble fighting over soda. Poirier said he wrote “don’t drink you bum” on two 2-liter bottles directed toward his sister, Caitlin Ruble, and her husband, Robert Ruble. After a verbal argument, he said Robert began to strike him in the face and he fell backwards and hit his hand on the counter causing a small cut on his finger. Caitlin and Robert gave similar accounts of the events. Troy Alan Poirier, 20, of 1910 State Route 550, Cutler, Caitlin Renee Ruble, 22, and Robert Charles Ruble, 23, of 2200 Big Run Road, Stewart, will be summoned into Marietta Municipal Court for disorderly conduct.

¯ On Tuesday, a deputy began an investigation at 41 Byers Road, Marietta, at the storage units where entry had been made. Items stolen include patio chairs, patio umbrella and table as well as an above ground pool. This case remains under investigation.

¯ Bill Wright with Wright’s Automotive reported Wednesday that a 1999 GMC truck was taken to National Muffler and Brake, 114 Ellsworth Ave., Marietta. Upon checking on the vehicle it was discovered that the truck had been stolen. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy was dispatched to 3569 Veto Road, Vincent, on Thursday to take a theft report. Terri Hayes, of 8184 State Route 329, Stewart, reported Natasha Salyer had taken a gold ring and a $100 bill which belonged to her. Prior to the deputy arriving, Salyer returned the items to Hayes to keep herself from going to jail. She also turned over an empty syringe to the deputy before exiting the residence. Previously, a deputy had responded to the same address and spoke with the property owner who reported a window had been shattered and a 55″ Toshiba flat screen TV was missing from the residence. Salyer was a suspect in this theft and finally admitted to taking a rock to break the window, taking the TV and pawning it. The deputy observed multiple spoons, needles and other drug abuse instruments. Prior to leaving the scene Salyer admitted to having a baggie of Xanax hidden in her body cavity. Natasha Marie Salyer, 27, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing. She was charged with possession of Xanax, possession of drug abuse instruments, theft and criminal damaging.

¯ On Thursday, a deputy, along with the Beverly Waterford Emergency Squad responded to Sand Ridge Road to a deceased male subject. The case has been closed.

¯ A deputy responded to Warren Township on Friday in reference to a possible domestic violence incident. In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

Warrants/Washington County

¯ Virlie R. Runyon, of 22 Runyon Drive, Belfry, Ky., selling, purchasing, distributing or delivering dangerous drugs.

¯ Deandre L. Jones, of 1006 14th St., Parkersburg, failure to appear.

¯ Katlyn M. Hatfield, of 22 Runyon Drive, Belfry, Ky., selling, purchasing, distributing or delivering dangerous drugs.

¯ David W. Hart, of 2236 State Route 83, Beverly, theft.

¯ Curtis L. Davis, Jr., of 117 Buells Circle, Marietta, domestic violence.

¯ Christina D. Ward, of 1200 Park Ave., Room 6, New Matamoras, for child endangerment.

Arrests/Washington County

¯ Levi Michael Kuhn, 24, of 1328 Lancaster St., Marietta, was arrested Tuesday for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

¯ Kristine Elizabeth Powers, 34, of 609 Wooster St., Marietta, was arrested Tuesday for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

¯ Claudia Ann Collins, 36, of 3939 11th Ave., Parkersburg, was arrested Wednesday for theft/auto, a felony.

¯ Christina Marie Hower, 33, of 736 Utica Ave., Akron, was arrested Wednesday on a warrant for OVI, a misdemeanor.

¯ Natasha Marie Salyer, 27, of 3569 Veto Road, Vincent, was arrested Thursday for drug possession, two counts of theft and drug instrument possession, all misdemeanors.

¯ David Christopher Smith, 36, homeless, Parkersburg, was arrested Thursday for obstructing official business, a misdemeanor.

¯ Mark Evan Macaulay, 36, of 2414 Norris Ave., Belpre, was arrested Thursday for drug instrument possession, a misdemeanor.

¯ Amanda Lynn Dobbins, 36, of 183 Butcher Bend Road, Mineral Wells, W.Va., was arrested Friday for driving under suspension and no seatbelt, both misdemeanors.

¯ Lindsey Mae Tornes, 27, of 1160 Hadley Hollow Road, Marietta was arrested Friday for fugitive from justice.