¯ An officer was dispatched to 731 Glendale Drive, Apt. 18 on Nov. 21 in reference to a man sleeping in a vacant apartment. It was learned that Jeremiah B. Helmick, of 122 Tennis Center Drive, did not have permission to be there. He was charged with trespassing.

¯ Promanco reported Nov. 22 that property at 114 Putnam St. was posted for sale on a website by someone who not the owner. The case remains under investigation.

¯ An employee of Speedway, 400 Muskingum Drive, reported Nov. 22 the theft of a pack of cigarettes. There was surveillance footage of the theft and customers reported the license plate number of the suspect.

¯ Employees of Harmar Tavern, 205 Maple St., reported Nov. 22 that a security camera was taken and another tampered with overnight. A flood light was also damaged. The case remains under investigation.

¯ Officers were dispatched to the Walmart parking lot, 804 Pike St., on Nov. 22 for a report of a possible overdose. A male was found unresponsive in a vehicle. He was revived and transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital.

¯ An officer responded to the 200 block of South Seventh Street on Nov. 23 for the report of an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen from Columbus. It was towed to an impound lot.

¯ Officers were dispatched to 202 Holly St. on Nov. 22 in reference to a missing juvenile. The juvenile returned home that night.

¯ Neal O. Taylor, of 703 Columbia Ave., Williamstown, reported Nov. 23 that he was assaulted the previous evening at Harmar Tavern, 205 Maple St.

¯ Officers responded to 300 Gilman Ave., Apt. D, on Friday for a possible domestic incident in progress. Edward R. Graham, of Bethel, said his wife, Kattie Graham, of 121 Gilman Ave., struck him in the face with an unknown object, causing him to bleed from the nose. He said the fight started after she attempted to trade the television for methamphetamine. Kattie Graham was arrested for felony domestic violence as she had a prior conviction.

¯ Jeanete F. Braddock, of 107 Chippewa Drive, reported Friday that while staying with a relative at the hospital she had her wallet stolen from her purse.

¯ Cary A. Hill, of 129 Grove St., came to the department on Saturday to file unruly charges against her 16-year-old son, whom she said had been verbally harassing her. That included contacting her at work and telling her things would be missing when she got home. He later left the home without permission.

¯ During a traffic stop at 401 Greene St., on Sunday, the occupants of the vehicle admitted being in possesion of drugs. Trent Castle, of 215 Fifth St., was cited for drug abuse and drug paraphernalia. Jared Weiss, of 215 Fifth St., was cited for drug abuse.

¯ On Monday, officers investigated the report of a runway girl. She was located and transported home. The child advised she had been sexually assaulted in another jurisdiction. A report was started for the corresponding agency.

¯ Officers were dispatched to 405 Fourth St., Apt. 1, on Monday in reference to a domestic violence incident in progress. It was determined that William Carter had struck his live-in girlfriend, Amy L. Smithberger and then fled. A warrant was requested for his arrest.

¯ An officer was dispatched to 506 Pike St. on Monday in reference to a theft from a vehicle owned by Nichols Construction of Vansant, Va. Tools were taken from the truck.

¯ An officer arrested Lorrie Lucas, of 209 Masonic Park Road, at Marietta Municipal Court on an active warrant through the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Monday.

¯ Richardson Printing Corp, 201 Acme St., reported Monday that a license plate from a vehicle owned by the company was removed from the car.

Reports/Washington County

¯ A deputy responded to 22935 County Road 9, New Matamoras, on Saturday to a report of domestic violence. Chandra Jones and Raymond Davis said her son, Jerry Jones, 38, of 33779 Big Lick Road, New Matamoras, came to the residence upset, began yelling at Davis and grabbed him by the neck and shoved him. Jerry was told to leave the residence multiple times at which time he backhanded his mother, Chandra, striking her in the top lip and causing swelling. Jerry Jones said he did push Raymond out of his face but did not strike his mother. He was charged with two counts of domestic violence. Chandra Jones and Davis both requested a temporary protection order be put in place.

¯ Valerie Betkoski, of 130 Kern Drive, Marietta, reported Monday that her husband, William Betkoski, had threatened her and their daughter, Ellen Betkoski. Valerie reports stepping between her daughter and William while he was yelling at her with William pushing her out of the way. William then made statements of killing the two, first killing Valerie, stating he would get away with it. Ellen who provided a statement consistent with what Valerie had reported. William admitted he was in an argument and had told both Valerie and Ellen he would kill them. William explained he had no intention of going through with the threat and it was only a statement made in the heat of the argument. William Joseph Betkoski, 50, was placed under arrest for two counts of domestic violence.

Warrants/Washington County

¯ Patrick C. Jackson, of 2301 Rockland Ave., Belpre, for failure to appear. Original charge trafficking in drugs.

¯ Brandon M. Harshbarger, of 1205 Poplar St., Belpre, Ohio, for breach of recognizance.

¯ Brennan M. Holshu, of 506 Caroline Ave., Williamstown, for probation violation.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

¯ Jennifer Dawn Science, 44, of 1278 Bender Road, Marietta, was arrested Tuesday on three warrants for breach of recognizance, theft and operating with expired operator’s license, all misdemeanors.