Special report: After the fire …Multiple structures hold a variety of plastic material

Evergreen Holdings LLC purchased the building at 814 Jeanette St., a long structure adjacent to a CSX rail line, and 821 Jeanette St., a smaller building across the road, in June 2011, at the same time as the Naik Group of Industries purchased the Gateman Group. The purchase also included the adjacent 704 Jeanette St. and what is now a vacant lot at Jeanette and Williams streets.

In Wood County records, the seller is listed as Jeanette Street Realty, a Delaware limited liability company. Attempts to ascertain the identities of the principals in that company were unsuccessful, but Wood County records show it was previously sold in 1990 for $260,000.

Up until the 1970s, the property was part of the Ideal Corrugated Box Co., which was founded about 60 years prior and at one point employed around 200 people. Some people still refer to the property as the Ideal Box site.

A sign on the 814 Jeanette St. building bears the name “White Dove,” which is the name of the company that owned property from 829 to 837 Jeanette St. until those lots and buildings were sold to 29th Street Warehouse and Co. LLC in 2006, according to county records. Documents from the Secretary of State’s office show the company was terminated a few months later.

Those buildings were purchased in 2008 by Upendra and Jyoti Naik. Upendra Naik is listed on the Secretary of State’s website as an officer for Polymer Alliance Services, part of the Naik group of companies, while Jyoti Naik’s name is included with the notice of process address.

On Oct. 11, less than two weeks before the fire at IEI, the Wood County Solid Waste Authority was notified by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection of a reported tire dump in the lot at Jeanette and Williams streets. When SWA Director John Reed went to the site, he said he found approximately 70 tires but also noticed “a lot of plastic … dumped outside” the warehouse at 814 Jeanette St. Through open doors, he said, he could also see boxes of material stacked high inside.

Reed contacted Naik, with whom he’d worked on other complaints, who said he would be in the area later in October and would set up a meeting with him. Before that happened, the fire broke out at IEI.

When 814 Jeanette St. was recently inspected by state and local agencies, Parkersburg Fire Chief Jason Matthews said carbon monoxide levels were detected that prompted the natural gas to the building to be shut off out of concern for employee safety.

“Any concern of gas is handled by Dominion,” Sunny Naik said. “They are our service provider, and we work with (them) closely for any safety concern.”