WSCC Foundation recognizes recipients of scholarships

The Washington State Community College (WSCC) Foundation recently recognized 53 students as recipients of $50,000 thousand in scholarship support.

Held in the newly renovated commons area, scholars and donors had the opportunity meet one another and make a more personal connection during a reception prior to the award ceremony.

To learn more about how you can establish a scholarship at WSCC, contact Foundation Executive Director Anna Rittenhouse at 740-568-1940 or at

WSCC Foundation scholarship recipients:

Stacie Arnold-Graysville, Ohio; David Barnes-Parkersburg, WV; Tara Barton-Coolville, Ohio; Dee Beck-Marietta, Ohio; Jacob Binegar-Little Hocking, Ohio; Cali Binegar-Marietta, Ohio; Michal Booth-Marietta, Ohio; Samantha Brinager-Racine, Ohio; Cameron Brindo-Mineral Wells, Ohio; Kelsey Clark-Parkersburg, WV; Stephanie Cremeans-Waterford, Ohio; Austin Davis-Stockport, Ohio; Buffie Durham-Marietta, Ohio; Nichole Farson-Racine, Ohio; Jordan Fisher-Racine, Ohio; Kera Fordyce-Walker, WV; Becca Giffin-Marietta, Ohio; Amanda Gleason-Lower Salem, Ohio; Josh Guiler-Lower Salem, Ohio; Kristen Hanes-Marietta, Ohio; Katie Hendrickson-Belpre, Ohio; Miranda Holsinger-Coolville, Ohio; Bobby Hoover-Byesville, Ohio; Marcy Huffman-Marietta, Ohio; Courtney Huhn-Byesville, Ohio; Misty Kelly-Parkersburg, WV; Elizabeth King-Marietta, Ohio; Abigail Litman-Marietta, Ohio; Mandalyn Ludtman-Marietta, Ohio; Tiffany Marshall-Graysville, Ohio; Rebecca Mullans-Parkersburg, WV; Alyssa Pratt-Walker, WV; Michelle Reeves-Belle Valley, Ohio; Ariel Riggs-Little Hocking, Ohio; Nicole Robertson-Lower Salem, Ohio; Sydney Roseland-Little Hocking, Ohio; Gracie Roush-Coolville, Ohio; Michael Rowland-Waterford, Ohio; Scott Schofield-Marietta, Ohio; Deidre Smith-Amesville, Ohio; David Smith-Cutler, Ohio; Cameron Sparkman-Marietta; Alea Starcher-Parkersburg, WV; Brittany Stevens-Marietta, Ohio; Leithon Stewart-Beverly, Ohio; Teddie Stewart-Reedsville, OH; Jasmine Tabler-Marietta, Ohio; Brittany Tipton-Vincent, Ohio; Dominic Uribe-Pomeroy, Ohio; Breeana Valles-Coolville, Ohio; Sara Walker-McConnelsville, Ohio; Jason Williams-Vincent, Ohio.