Warrants/Washington County

¯ Rebekah Baker, of 4411 Packard St., Parkersburg, for theft.

¯ Anthony E. Boswell, of 207 Lancaster St., Marietta, for failure to appear. Original charge was probation violation.

¯ Glenna M. Brooker, of 300 Starlight Drive, Lot 12, Marietta, for driving under suspension.

¯ Christi Carney, of 1400 Smith Lane, Whipple, for loose dog.

¯ Erica Kidder, of 941 Swan St., Parkersburg, for probation violation. Original charge was cruelty to animals.

¯ Kenneth R. Rogers, of 100 Linwood Ave., Marietta, for failure to appear. Original charge was violation of temporary restraining order.

Reports/Washington County

¯ April Calvert, of 325 Sandhill Road, Marietta, came to the sheriff’s office to report a domestic violence incident on Nov. 23. Calvert said her boyfriend, Tim Ryan, continues to assault her. Calvert and Ryan have a child together and live together. Calvert reported the most current incident occurred that morning when Ryan struck her in the back of the head when she was bent over cleaning the oven, and also poured ice water on her. Calvert advised she does fear for her safety when they are together. Ryan denied any allegations of domestic violence. Timothy Matthew Ryan, 27, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

¯A deputy was dispatched to 4165 Zion Ridge Road, Marietta, on Monday in reference to an incident of domestic violence. Christopher Douglas reported he had an argument with his wife and she left the home to cool off. Douglas later found his wife at the Zion Ridge Road location, which is her son’s home. He advised he drove his motorcycle, with expired tags, as well as his driver’s license being expired, to this location. He said a mutual fight began between him and his stepson, Matthew West Jr. West advised Douglas took a swing at him. Christopher Carl Douglas, 51, of 140 Maple St., Newport, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and criminal trespassing. Christopher was also issued a citation for driving on expired operator’s license and expired license plates.

¯ On Tuesday, a deputy was dispatched to 12615 Veto Road, to a report of a vehicle resting on its top at that location. The Warren Volunteer Fire Department also responded to the scene. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy was dispatched to Lakeside Motel, Ohio 60, Waterford, on Tuesday to a report of a room being entered and item(s) removed belonging to the guest. This case remains under investigation.

¯ On Wednesday, a deputy received a warrant for the arrest of Kory Lee Cutright, of 241 South Parkview Drive, Parkersburg, from the State of West Virginia regarding failure to pay child support. Cutright was being held at the Washington County Jail and after comparing identifiers with booking information against the warrant information, it was determined to be the same individual. A charge of fugitive from justice was filed on Cutright through Marietta Municipal Court.

¯ On Wednesday, a deputy along with the Barlow and Dunham volunteer fire departments responded to Sweetapple Road to a report of a bus on fire. The fire departments had the fire extinguished. The bus was completely engulfed in flames and was reported as a total loss. This case remains under investigation.

¯ Deputies responded to Muskingum Drive on Thursday in reference to female demanding a squad. Deputies arrived along with the Devola Volunteer Fire Department to find Trey Moats, of 133 Ohio Blvd., Marietta, victim of a possible overdose. This case remains under investigation.

¯ John Lough, of 19868 State Route 676, Marietta, reported Thursday that items were removed from his home during a burglary to include jewelry, currency, electronics, tools and household items. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy was dispatched to Collins Road, Marietta, on Thursday regarding trash dumped along the roadway. This case remains under investigation.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

¯ Morgan Blitz Wynn, 25, of 365 Mt. Tom Pines Road, Marietta, was arrested Wednesday for three counts of aggravated drug trafficking, aggravated drug possession, drug paraphernalia, possession of criminal tools, improper handling of a firearm and failure to comply order/signal of an officer, all felonies.

¯ Ryan Allen Hunt, 40, homeless, New Lexington, for parole violation, a felony. Hunt was picked up at the Oriana House and processed into the Washington County Jail on Wednesday.

¯ Robert Alan Richards, 43, of 713 Montgomery St., Marietta, was arrested Wednesday for two counts of failure to appear.

¯ Vickie Marie Thompson, 35, of 503 Fifth St., Marietta, was arrested Thursday on a warrant for failure to appear, a felony and theft, a misdemeanor.