Teen of the Week: Teen wants to be TV journalist

Photo courtesy of the Washington County Career Center Chianna Eddy studies video production on a computer at the Washington County Career Center.

If Chianna Eddy achieves her goals, you might see her one day on the national news — covering it, that is.

Eddy’s ambition is to become a journalist for a national network, starting with an internship on a major news program such as the Today show. She’s studying graphic design and video production at the Washington County Career Center and when not occupied by those studies she serves on student government at the career center, acts as a student ambassador, helps out youth at her church by teaching and supports the home team at Fort Frye High School as a varsity cheerleader.

Question: What makes the news profession attractive to you?

Answer: I’ve always been intrigued by TV, and I knew I wanted to an actress or something like that. I feel like this is my calling.

Q: What topics interest you?

A: Historic stories — I love history a lot, and I also like what’s going on in the news right now, elections and things of that nature … I like politics.

Q: Your family seems to have deep roots in this area, and your college plans are keeping you pretty close to home. Are you interested in travel?

A: I’d like to travel when I’m a bit older but I’m going to stay close to town now. I hope maybe to get an internship on the Today Show. I’m really interested in New York City.

Q: What does your work as a student ambassador involve?

A: I tell younger students little facts about the career center. We had eighth graders here recently, and they toured the building with us, stopped in each program and they had about five minutes to hear about each of them. I came here for the graphic design and video production program, and also for the college credit.

Q: Have you produced some video here?

A: Yes, last year I was involved with Business Professionals of America, and on the news broadcast team, I was the lead anchor. I had to do a local story and we did it on a local clothing drive for kids who didn’t have as much as they should … I guess I’m interested in everything about the world.

Q: Do you have a hero or role model?

A: Yes, my brother is my hero. He graduated law school at 22, played sports in high school, juggling school work with sports, and he had a job. I have a job, too.

Q: What is your job?

A: I take pictures of newborns at Marietta Memorial Hospital. It’s an exciting job, and it’s interesting to hear all the unique and unusual names.

Q: What sort of video production would you like to do?

A: I guess I’m just interested in pretty much everything, but my brother and I are history buffs. I’d like to do a

documentary, possibly my own show where I can discuss history, what went on back in time versus what it’s like now.

Q: Have you considered YouTube?

A: I actually have my own YouTube channel, but it’s not news, more like singing — I sing here (at the career center) for the variety show, and at my home school for the talent show.

Q: Is that an interest you’ll continue ?

A: Yes, definitely. I like mostly country, Christian music, I like pretty much everything.

Q: Any other interests you’d like to talk about?

A: At my church, Souls Harbor Baptist, I’m sort of a teacher for junior church. The kids really like the stories I tell and lessons I teach.

Q: Do you enjoy writing?

A: I love writing. I keep a journal. Every night, I write about what my day was like, the outcome of the day. I write short stories, and I was always interested in writing and in newscasting, and for that you have to write as well as talk.

Michael Kelly conducted this interview. If you have a nomination for Teen of the Week, email news@mariettatimes.com

Chianna Eddy

¯ Age: 18.

¯ Grade: 12.

¯ School: Washington County Career Center/Fort Frye High School.

¯ Family: Mother Rene Eddy, 49, father Bruce Eddy, 51, brother Zachary Eddy, 23.

¯ Extracurricular activities: National Technical Honor Society, Student Council, Business Professionals of America (vice president), WCCC Student Ambassador, Fort Frye Varsity Cheerleader, teacher for junior church at Souls Harbor Baptist Church

¯ Future Plans: Attend Washington State Community College, then Marietta College with the goal of graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism.