WSCC/MC partnership helps students

50% tuition discount while finishing bachelor’s degree

Starting with the fall semester of 2018, students at Washington State Community College will be able to transfer to Marietta College to complete their bachelor degree studies at a 50 percent tuition discount, under a new partnership agreement announced by the two colleges Monday afternoon.

The new agreement also provides WSCC students the option to live on campus at Marietta College, take up to six courses at the private college at the state community college tuition rate and have access to its facilities, including labs and the library.

Amanda Herb, director of marketing services at WSCC, told the college’s board of trustees at its regular monthly meeting that the transfer opportunity between the two colleges was a natural fit.

“We know we have students who are going for a bachelor’s degree, and more than half of students who have earned a bachelor’s degree have gone to a community college,” she said.

The partnership includes an articulation agreement, a dual admission program and the housing option.

The articulation agreement would more closely harmonize credit transfers between the two institutions.

The dual admission program offers WSCC students guaranteed admission to Marietta College so long as they maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students would begin at WSCC and transfer to Marietta College after completing associate degree studies, continuing to complete bachelor degree studies with an award of $17,500 in scholarships annually for up to three years. The students would be assigned a Marietta College advisor during their associate degree studies, and could also take up to six courses at Marietta College during that time while paying WSCC tuition rates. The students, according to the agreement, also would have access to resources such as labs and the library at Marietta College.

The housing agreement will apply to all WSCC students regardless of their academic plans. Rooms on campus will be available at the same charge applied to Marietta College students – $6,530 per academic year – and students also can purchase meal plans for $4,790 per academic year.

Herb said the housing option might be attractive to students who are commuting long distances to attend WSCC.

“They will be integrated with Marietta College students, have the opportunity to live on the campus and get exposure to Marietta College,” she said.

Emily Schuck, assistant vice president for enrollment management at Marietta College, said the agreement creates a much clearer pathway for students to move from the two-year community college to a four-year degree while remaining in Marietta.

“Every year we talk to students who are concerned about affordability. We’re going to give them a phenomenal experience,” she said. “We’re really excited. This has been a long time coming.”

WSCC president Vicky Wood said the new partnership will create better options for higher education for local students.

“This partnership will expand bachelor degree access to students in the Mid-Ohio Valley, many of whom are juggling work and families while going to college,” she said.

“The opportunity to partner with Washington State Community College on a dual admission program allows us to attract and keep quality students in this community for all four years of their undergraduate education,” said Marietta College president William Ruud.

At a glance

New Washington State Community College-Marietta College partnership:

≤ WSCC students are guaranteed admission to Marietta College if they maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

≤ WSCC students will be able to take up to six courses at Marietta College at the WSCC tuition rate, with access to Marietta College resources, including labs and library.

≤ Students who have earned an associate degree at WSCC with a GPA of at least 2.75 will be granted a $17,500 scholarship to Marietta College for up to three years to complete their bachelor degree studies.

≤ WSCC students, whether they intend to transfer or not, will be able to live on campus at Marietta College at the same room rate as Marietta College students.