Council briefed on Third St. project

Marietta City Council’s Finance Committee discussed Thursday the funding structure of an additional resurfacing project on Third Street planned for this spring.

“We did plan for and budget this project,” said City Engineer Joe Tucker. “We want to refresh curb and pavement markings as well as resurface and we want to do pedestrian improvements with the ADA curb ramps.”

The project was previously pitched as an improvement that could also include pedestrian bulb-outs to shorten the distance a pedestrian would have to cross north of Warren Street.

“But that was cost prohibitive, though we did get a 2:1 response in favor of that option,” said Tucker.

He said the bulb-out option added between $15,000 and $20,000 to the overall cost of the project which was not within the available funds.

“But this is still a very well leveraged project,” he noted. “No funding is coming out of the general or streets fund.”

Instead, 85.6 percent of the project will be paid for by the Wood-Washington-Wirt Regional Commission and the remaining balance will come from recaptured funds from previous Community Development Block Grants and from the State Highway Improvement Fund since Third Street is a part of Ohio 60.

Councilwoman Kathy Downer, streets committee chairwoman, said she was in favor of the project not only because of the preservation of streets funds but also because of the upgrades coming to the curb ramps.

“It’s about time that we get to funding something that’s a federal mandate,” she said.

Tucker noted that along with the project, the city will also be spending $540,000 for the 2018 asphalt resurfacing and ADA curb ramp project.

Finance Committee also met in tandem with Employee Relations in executive session to discuss developments on union contract negotiations but took no action following the session.

By the numbers

≤ Through the Ohio Department of Transportation, the city of Marietta plans to conduct a resurfacing and ADA curb ramp project between Washington and Marion streets on Third Street this summer.

≤ The project would include both a 1.5-inch mill and fill of Third Street and would upgrade markings on curbs and the street.

≤ Total length of the project is 0.55 miles.

Financial summary:

≤ Engineering: In-house.

≤ Construction: $323,048.

≤ Contingency:$32,305.

≤ Construction administration: $9,692.

Total: $365,045.

Funding summary:

≤ Wood-Washington-Wirt Regional Commission funds: $312,500.

≤ Community Development Block Grant recaptured funds: $45,000.

≤ State Highway Improvement Fund: $7,545.

Schedule anticipation:

≤ Bids due: March 22.

≤ Bid award: April 2.

≤ Estimated end of construction: Sept. 15.

Source: City Engineering Office.