Swearing in: Council members swear to uphold duties

Marietta City Council passes budget to start 2018

JANELLE PATTERSON The Marietta Times Joshua Schicher, left, stands with his family as Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Mark Kerenyi swears Schlicher in to another term as President of Marietta City Council.

Marietta City Council passed a balanced budget for the new year at its first meeting Monday.

The budget, a total of $35.8 million, was passed unanimously by the new council Monday after both returners and new faces took this two-year term’s oath of office.

“After looking at it, it’s now balanced, however I think that down the road we’re going to have a lot of work to do,” said the new chairman of finance committee Mike Scales. “Salaries and benefits may change, we’re still in negotiations, but tomorrow we’ll need to look at what needs to be done as things may change.”

Scales and newcomer Cassidi Shoaf joined the oaths Monday while Geoff Schenkel took his oath of office at the final council meeting of 2017 due to holiday plans.

Scales, Kathy Downer, Steve Thomas and Mike McCauley were sworn in by Marietta Municipal Court Judge Janet Dyar Welch. President of Council Josh Schlicher and Cindy Oxender were sworn in by Washington County Common Pleas Judge Mark Kerenyi. Shoaf was sworn in by 95th District Representative Andy Thompson.

“I’m just ready to get started,” said Shoaf in closing statements.

Council will meet today in a committee of the whole to discuss in executive session further developments in labor negotiations and will also discuss needed changes to codified ordinances per the new budget.

Council will meet for its first regular meeting of the year Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room 10 of the armory, 241 Front St.

Marietta City Budget:

General Fund:

¯ Council: $266,403.

¯ Mayor: $225,128.

¯ Auditor: $272,345.

¯ Treasurer: $62,025.

¯ Law Director: $476,721.

¯ Civil Service: $10,965.

¯ Planning and Development: $46,294.

¯ Miscellaneous: $529,030.

¯ Municipal Court: $743,485.

¯ Information Systems: $179,256.

¯ Service-Administration: $70,922.

¯ Engineering: $403,381.

¯ Lands, Buildings and Parks: $905,584.

¯ Equipment Maintenance: $223,258.

¯ Utility Maintenance: $162,772.

¯ Security of Persons and Property:

¯ Safety-Administration: $94,105.

¯ Police: $3,439,066.

¯ Fire: $2,245,551.

¯ Total Security of Persons and Property: $5,778,722.

¯ Public Health Services: $493,445.

Total General Fund with Maximus Allocation: $10,849,736.

¯ Street Maintenance and Repair Fund: $5,759,712.

¯ State Highway Improvement Fund: $38,860.

¯ Permissive Tax Fund: $109,843.

¯ Income Tax Revenue Fund: $542,016.

¯ Recreation Fund: $375,417.

¯ Cemetary Fund: $24,725.

¯ Fire Department Levy Fund: $1,456,468.

¯ Convention and Visitors Bureau Fund: $202,063.

¯ Food Service Fund: $61,135.

¯ Home Health Services Fund: $140,000.

¯ Vital Statistics Fund: $73,512.

¯ Tree Planting Fund: $500.

¯ Trailer R.V. Park Fund: $1,600.

¯ Community Development Program Fund: $2,127,613.

¯ Marehab Fund: $3,724.

¯ Pools and Spas Fund: $3,784.

¯ Victim Information Program Fund: $48,852.

¯ Court Computer Fund: $11,124.

¯ Court Capital Improvement Fund: $153,416.

¯ Domestic Violence Prosecution Fund: $52,566.

¯ Community Corrections Grant Fund: $255,009.

¯ Court Probation Services: $55,944.

¯ Probation Incentive Grant: $80,036.

¯ Parking Lot Fund:$19,557.

¯ Marietta Community Center at Armory Fund: $84,734.

¯ Bonds and Notes: $234,998.

¯ Capital Improvement Fund: $4,191,488.

¯ Waste Water Facilities Upgrade Fund: $550,400.

¯ Water Revenue Fund: $3,813,682.

¯ Sanitary Sewer Fund: $4,567,895.

Source: Marietta City Council.

Marietta City Council Committees:

Finance and Taxation:

¯ Michael Scales, Chairman.

¯ Michael McCauley.

¯ Cassidi Shoaf.

Streets and Transportation:

¯ Kathy Downer, Chairwoman.

¯ Michael McCauley.

¯ Geoff Schenkel.

Water, Sewers and Sanitation:

¯ Michael McCauley, Chairman.

¯ Steve Thomas.

¯ Kathy Downer.

Public Lands, Buildings and Parks:

¯ Cindy Oxender, Chairwoman.

¯ Michael Scales.

¯ Geoff Schenkel.

Employee Relations:

¯ Cassidi Shoaf, Chairwoman.

¯ Steve Thomas.

¯ Michael Scales.

Police and Fire:

¯ Steve Thomas, Chairman.

¯ Kathy Downer.

¯ Cindy Oxender.

Planning, Zoning, Annexation and Housing:

¯ Geoff Schenkel, Chairman.

¯ Cindy Oxender.

¯ Cassidi Shoaf.

Source: President of Council Joshua Schlicher.