Welfare League announces grants

JANELLE PATTERSON The Marietta Times Marietta middle-schoolers DJ West, 12, right, and Trey Beaver, 12, left, play Nitro Type, a keyboarding game at the Ely Chapman Education Foundation Wednesday. The foundation was the recipient of grant monies from the Marietta Welfare League.

In another record-breaking year, grant monies have gone out to combat food insecurity, to aid in education and many other social welfare projects.

The Marietta Welfare League, which gleans its profits from coffee and gift sales of the League Shop in Memorial Health System’s Marietta Memorial Hospital, has awarded 38 different organizations a total of $62,515.75.

“People are so thankful and not greedy in what they ask for and receive it reminds me of the move ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,'” said Jane Crumrine, finance chair of the league. “There’s a very big variety in what was given and who we chose to help this year and when the recipients talk about what the money will be used for, it warms your heart.”

Small grants like the $380 received by the O’Neill Center and the $500 given to High Schools that Rock are going to specific purchases.

“The O’Neill Center just needed 20 cushions for the chairs in the adult day center,” explained Crumrine. “That’s what I mean by not greedy. People just ask for what they need.”

Mark Doebrich, founder of High Schools that Rock, said this was his first time applying for funds from the league and he was estatic with the award.

“Last summer when we were performing for the League’s ‘Music in the Park’ series we had a microphone and loud speaker just die,” he explained. “That happens and the show went on but we needed to replace that and those types of replacements typically just come out of my pocket since it’s a free program.”

Doebrich said he was impressed with the amount that the group was able to give away this week, all through the proceeds of the shop and an auction.

“They’re able to help so many people and even if it’s just $500, that’s a big donation for our program,” he said.

A long-time recipient of the league’s generosity is the Ely Chapman Education Foundation and this year was no exception.

“We were given $1,150,” said Alice Chapman, head of the after-school education program. “The funds this year will go to three stands, projectors and computers so that we can have four between the six classrooms.”

Computer tools like the projectors are what Chapman calls her extras wish list. “We look to the welfare league for the extras that would be lovely to have to make teaching easier but we don’t have the budget for,” she said. “This gives us the opportunity to spread the wealth across the classrooms and teach them good research skills.”

Crumrine said another new recipient this year was the Save A Kitty feral cat program.

“That’s a first for us but the numbers are astounding,” she said of the program, which was awarded $1,000 by the league. “They gather the cats, spay or neuter them, treat them with what they need and release them.”

Other grants focused on music and the arts, food insecurity and other basic needs for underpriveledged or disadvantaged Washington County residents.

“And through the Memorial Health Foundation we provided funds for an open MRI machine at the Belpre campus so that kids or anyone else won’t have to go into that tight hole of a regular MRI,” she said of one of the larger donations of $10,000.

At a glance

Marietta Welfare League grant recipients:

¯ Memorial Health Foundation.

¯ The Betsey Mills Club.

¯ Marietta High School Choir Department.

¯ Oak Grove Christian School.

¯ Presbyterian Church of Beverly Women’s Association.

¯ Ely Chapman Education Foundation.

¯ Go Packs.

¯ O’Neill Center.

¯ The Woman’s Home.

¯ Daily Bread Kitchen.

¯ Friends of the Museums.

¯ Phillips Elementary School music program.

¯ Harvest of Hope.

¯ Heart for Kids. * New.

¯ Children’s Hunger Alliance.

¯ Belpre Area Ministries.

¯ Pioneer Presbyterian Church, Pioneer Pilots character education programs.

¯ Boys and Girls Club of Washington County.

¯ Marietta Band Boosters.

¯ Veritas Classical Academy. *New.

¯ Marietta City Schools musical program.

¯ Marietta Middle School eighth grade trip.

¯ Betsey’s Learning Tree.

¯ Harmar Elementary School.

¯ High Schools That Rock. *New.

¯ Marietta Children’s Choir.

¯ Peoples Bank Theatre, Summer Stock programming.

¯ Riverside Artists Gallery.

¯ SW Resources – Educational materials and incentives for students with disabilities in a leadership academy.

¯ Consumer Credit Counseling – provide guidance on student debt. *New.

¯ Humane Society of the Ohio Valley.

¯ Save A Kitty Feral Cat Program. *New.

¯ The Fountain Foundation- Nortwest Territory Community Playground.

¯ Washington-Morgan Community Action-Secret Santa.

¯ Girl Scout Daisy Troup #10047, starting program. *New.

¯ EVE, Inc.

¯ The Castle.

¯ Harmar Place-Music and Memory program for those with dementia.

¯ Habitat for Humanity of The Mid-Ohio Valley.