4-H volunteers honored at awards celebration

Washington County 4-H recently recognized 4-H volunteers, members and community friends at their year-end 4-H celebration.

Service awards were given to several local volunteers completing milestones: Charlotte Wagner – 71 Year Volunteer; Margaret Webster – 35 Year Volunteer; Maryanne Burns – 30 Year Volunteer; Teresa Stone – 25 Year Volunteer; Richard Adams, Angela Stover, Alberta Wesel – 20 Year Volunteers; Gary Gaughn, Jr., Kelle Haffner, Dennis Pottmeyer, Erin Pottmeyer, Lisa Wagner – 10 Year Volunteers; Beth Bauerbach, Martha Webster – 8 Year Volunteers; Sabrina Buchanan, Kay Caltrider, Paul Cameron, Zandra Francis, Martha McCoy, Kevin Price – 5 Year Volunteers; Raymond Bailey, Elizabeth Doak, Beth Huck, Johnna Seevers, Kristi Starkey – 1 Year Volunteers.

Four special community awards were given to local 4-H advocates for their continuous support for the 4-H program. Each year, the volunteers who serve on the 4-H Advisory Committee select community leaders, 4-H alumni and businesses who have gone above and beyond to help local 4-H. The Friend of 4-H Award was awarded to Dr. Ken Leopold, 4-H Alumni Award winner Pam Moore, Business Friend of 4-H Award winner John & Carolyn Barnes, and Friend of Hervida Award winner Andrea Ralston.

The evening also recognized one outstanding 4-H youth with the Margaret Meredith Award. The award winner was Carly Haffner from the Trail Blazers 4-H Club and the Washington County Interstate Exchange Club. She is the daughter of Jeff & Kelle Haffner of Waterford.

She has been an active 4-H member for 10 years. Carly’s 4-H interest are horses when she began her 4-H career with the Horseless Horse project, and has taken a horse project every year. Her 4-H horse projects include beginning horse management, trail riding, and horse nutrition.

Carly has not only been an active member of her 4-H clubs, but she has also been a participant in the Washington County Fair, the Barlow Independent Fair, 4-H Camp, and the Ohio 4-H Conference. Carly has also served as a member of the Barlow Junior Fair Board for 5 years. She has held many officer positions including: Health and Safety Officer, Vice President, and President. Carly has learned how to run a club meeting, make agenda’s, and oversee debate during club meetings. All of these leadership roles have helped to prepare her for other opportunities. Carly was crowned the Washington County Junior Fair Queen is 2016. Carly helped to organize the events for the royalty court and also participated in the Ohio Fair Managers Queen contest in Columbus, Ohio. Carly is also a member of the Interstate Exchange Club where she has traveled and hosted 4-H members from Montana, Kansas, and Wisconsin. Carly has also hosted international 4-H members from Japan. These experiences have helped to broaden her cultural horizons.

4-H members with 10 and 14 years of membership were recognized their milestones.

10 year 4-H members: Abigail Hiener, Alicia Hockenberry, Brodey Lehman, Brooke Pottmeyer, Caleb Smith, Carly Haffner, Caroline Stollar, Clayton Campbell, Corby Curtis, Craig Barth, Elisabeth Williams, Erika Cunningham, Erin Hague, Isaac Huffman, Jenna Haffner, Kassidie Barth, Madison Ohse, Max Cogswell, Morgan Nichols, Nathan Dailey, Nicholas Bowersock, Richard Canterbury, Ruth Hartline, Sierra Sinclair, Sydney Huffman, Wesley Satterfield and Wyatt Heiss.

14 year 4-H members: Karisa Lang and Josie White.

Project pins awards are given to members who have excelled in the project area that they applied for. All members receiving this special honor have developed skills and knowledge in the project area, as well as shown progress in the project when it relates to learning and understanding of the project.

Agriculture: Mason Antill, Running Wild; Julia Hartline, Backyard Gang; and Travis Morris, Fur & Feather.

Beef: Mason Antill, Running Wild; Travis Morris, Fur & Feather; Connor Tullius, Churchtown Busy Bunch; Isaiah Tullius, Churchtown Busy Bunch.

Biological Science: Ethan Poulton, Churchtown Community Crew.

Childcare and Development: Emma Poulton, Churchtown Community Crew.

Clothing and Textiles: Devon Bolen, Oak Grove Explorers; Elizabeth Loughry, Oak Grove Explorers.

Commnications: Melina Matics, Oak Grove Explorers.

Community Service: Kari Bauerbach, Backyard Gang; Maggie Gottfried, Oak Grove Explorers; Connor Tullius, Churchtown Busy Bunch.

Dairy: Lindsey Hartline, Lynch Combined.

Ddmonstration: Bijou Burgardt, Oak Grove Explorers.

Engines, Tractors and Field Equipment: Brett Bauerbach, Backyard Gang; Logan Wagner, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads.

Foods and Nutrition: Flora Burgardt, Oak Grove Explorers; Madison Butler, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads.

Gardening and Horticulture: Grace Huck, Running Wild.

Goat: Morgan Antill, Running Wild; Grace Huck, Running Wild; Chad Lang, Churchtown Busy Bunch; Cody Schaad, Churchtown Shining Stars.

Healthy Living: Madison Wells, Churchtown Community Crew.

Horse: Emma Bauerbach, Backyard Gang; Cassie Dennis, Trail Blazers; Daphanie McGuire, Fleming Energizers; LeCole McGuire, Fleming Energizers.

Judging: Cassie Dennis, Trail Blazers.

Lamp of Knowledge: Taylor Haines, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads.

Miscellaneous: Dallas Bolen, Oak Grove Explorers; Elizabeth Burdiss, Honeysuckle Hills.

Outdoor Education and Recreation: Ashton Binegar, Lynch Combined.

Pets: Madison Butler, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads; Ethan Poulton, Churchtown Community Crew.

Photography and Video: Anna Holschuh, Oak Grove Explorers.

Poultry: Anna Peck, Waterford Warriors.

Public Speaking: Bijou Burgardt, Oak Grove Explorers; Flora Burgardt, Oak Grove Explorers.

Safety: Caleb Schaad, Churchtown Busy Bunch.

Sheep: Mattie Pierson, Churchtown Shining Stars.

Shooting Sports: Christopher Burdiss, Honeysuckle Hills; Parker Crum, Bull’s Eye; Cody Schaad, Churchtown Shining Stars; Bryce Himelrich, Bull’s Eye.

Swine: Morgan Antill, Running Wild.

Technology and Engineering: Caleb Schaad, Churchtown Busy Bunch.

Visual Arts: Melina Matics, Oak Grove Explorers.

Wood Science: Morgan Caltrider, Oak Grove Explorers; Isaiah Tullius, Churchtown Busy Bunch.

Special pin awards are given to members who have succeeded to the highest level of achievement, leadership and civic education.

Achievement (14- to 19 year-olds): Alex Bauerbach, Backyard Gang; Maggie Gottfried, Oak Grove Explorers; Isaac Peck, Waterford Warriors; Madison Wells, Churchtown Community Crew.

Young Achiever (8 to 13): Madison Butler, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads; Parker Crum, Bull’s Eye; Ethan Poulton, Churchtown Community Crew; Cody Schaad, Churchtown Shining Stars.

Citizenship and Civic Education (14- to 19-year-olds): William Huck, Running Wild; Caroline Stollar, CARTEENS.

Young Citizen (8 to 13): Morgan Antill, Running Wild; Bijou Burgardt, Oak Grove Explorers; Morgan Caltrider, Oak Grove Explorers; Julia Hartline, Backyard Gang.

Leadership (14- to 19-year-olds): Carly Haffner, Trail Blazers; Austin Offenberger, CARTEENS; Sierra Sinclair, Honeysuckle Hills; Karisa Lang, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads.

Young Leader (8 to 13): Flora Burgardt, Oak Grove Explorers; Kasey Lang, Lowell Lively Lassies & Lads; Melina Matics. Oak Grove Explorers; Isaiah Tullius, Churchtown Busy Bunch.

Trip scholarship awards are given to members who show an interest in attending a 4-H camp or trip. Members are judged based on the application and an interview with the trip scholarship committee. Many members are receiving scholarships tonight that are made possible through donations from sponsors. Those sponsors include the Washington County 4-H Advisory Committee, Nationwide Insurance, Farm Bureau Foundation, and the National Rifle Association Foundation.

2017 Winners and alternates include:

State 4-H Leadership Camp: Sierra Sinclair.

Buckeye Leadership Workshop: Madison Wells.

4-H Citizenship Washington Focus: Maggie Gottfried and Austin Offenberger; Alternate: Caroline Stollar.

Ohio 4-H Sea Camp: Bijou Burgardt and Taylor Haines Alternate: LeCole McGuire.

Ohio 4-H Senior Shooting Education Camp: Ashton Binegar and Daphanie McGuire; Alternate: Bryce Himelrick.

Ohio 4-H Junior Shooting Education Camp: Mason Antill, Parker Crum, Cody Schaad and Isaiah Tullius.

Leadership Washington Focus: Morgan Antill and Grace Huck; Alternate: Emma Poulton.

Space Adventure Camp: Dallas Bolen, Flora Burgardt, Travis Morris and Mattie Pierson; Alternate: Christopher Burdiss.