Belpre teen positive influence on his school, community


Polite and softspoken, Belpre High School Senior Nicholas Hampton embodies everything it means to wear the Boy Scout badge of honor. For his Eagle Scout project, Hampton, also a drummer in the Pride of Belpre Marching Band, decided to bring a little cheer to the lives of the residents of Belpre Landing — and to the lives of the ducks who will call his new pond home. Nicholas enjoys hanging out at the local comic book store and plans to help defend his country as a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, where his Scout training will come in handy.

Question: How long have you been a member of the Pride of Belpre Marching Band and what instrument do you play? Why did you choose that particular instrument?

Answer: Well, I have been a member of the Belpre marching band since eighth grade, but have been in the Belpre band program since fifth grade. This year, I was the only senior on the drumline. Over my time on the drumline, I have played the bass drum, the tenors and the snare drum. I chose to play the drums because I have had relatives in my family that have played drums in high school.

Q: Which do you enjoy more, marching season, concert or pep band? Why?

A: I enjoy marching band and pep band more, mainly because we get to play cool and different music than what we usually play in concert band.

Q: Tell me about the theme of the marching band show this year. What did you enjoy about it? Also, what emotions did you experience at band camp and senior night this year, knowing that this is your last year?

A: Our theme this year was “A Tribute to Journey.” I really enjoyed playing the third song, “Anyway You Want It,” because the drumline had its own show-off time, where we got to be out in front, just jamming out. Emotion-wise, I’ve felt a little bit of everything from overjoyed when we placed first in our class at the Marietta Band-O-Rama, to sadness knowing that this will be my final high school year as a Belpre band student.

Q: How long have you been involved in Boy Scouts? What troop do you belong to and what do you enjoy about it?

A: I have been involved in Boy Scout Troop 13 in Belpre since I have been eligible, which has been since sixth grade. I enjoy lots of things — hiking, going camping, pretty much everything about scouting.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the process to become an Eagle Scout.

A: Well, to become an Eagle Scout, you first have to hold the “rank of life” for nine months and have a total of 21 merit badges. Twelve of those are Eagle required, meaning you have to have it before you can get your Eagle rank. Then once you have all of that out of the way, you receive a packet to fill out and turn in to the council before you can even begin your actual project. Then after filling out the application and supplying three references, you can start working on the actual project workbook, which asks questions about everything related to the project. Once the project is actually complete, there is a board of review where several people from the council office come in and just ask you questions about yourself, your project and just about life in general.

Q: What was your Eagle Scout project and why did you decide to work on this particular project? How long did it take, what did it entail?

A: For my project, I put in a pond at Belpre Landing (Nursing and Rehabilitation Center). I decided on this for my project because it will end up letting the residents have something nice to look at, as well as a place to access water for the ducks that like to nest there. The project itself took about four hours to complete because I just purchased a prefabricated pond from Lowe’s, and the rock around the pond came from Mayle Bros. in Belpre. After getting the supplies delivered, I had to dig into the ground about 10 inches because the pond was taller than originally expected.

Q: I understand that you are interested in joining the U.S. Army Reserves after graduation? Why did you choose to go that route? What do you hope to learn or what skills to you hope to gain?

A: I really want to be able to help protect our country should it be requested of me, and it also would allow me to further my education. Another reason I chose to go this route is because I’ve had several relatives who have gone through the reserves. I hope to gain knowledge about anything technology-related.

Q: What do you enjoy in your free time?

A: I really enjoy playing video games or hanging out at the local comic book store, Comic Sense, and playing Magic the Gathering.

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Nick Hampton

¯ Age:18.

¯ School and grade: Senior at Belpre High School.

¯ Family: Parents Jill and Jerry.

¯ Activities: Boy Scouts, Pride of Belpre Marching Band.

¯ Future plans: Pursue higher education and a job in the technology field.