Via announces ticket, baggage agreement with American Airlines

WILLIAMSTOWN — Passengers can now book flights from the Mid-Ohio Regional Airport to destinations around the United States, from Abilene to Yuma, with a single ticket.

Via Airlines, which provides service from Wood County to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, announced on Monday an interline agreement with American Airlines, which has a hub in Charlotte. That means passengers can make connections on American and check their bags straight through to their destination without going back through security or purchasing separate tickets.

“ViaAir is pleased to offer the community of Parkersburg, W.Va., seamless connections to hundreds of destinations,” Via Vice President of Operations Matthew Macri said. “Our newly launched Ticket and Baggage agreement allows passengers to book travel through and enjoy hassle free connections at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport to the vast array of destinations in the American Airlines network as part of a single reservation.”

That also means passengers won’t be subject to a change fee if one of their flights is delayed or canceled, causing them to miss the connection, he said.

“It means better service for all of our customers,” Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Manager Glen Kelly said.

In recent months, the airport has seen more leisure travelers, which Kelly and his predecessor, Jeff McDougle, attributed to Via’s affordable fare prices to Orlando and St. Augustine, Fla., as well as some of the reliability issues with which the company has struggled over the last year. Kelly said he hopes the interline agreement puts the airport “back in the business of serving business customers.”

“They have to have that seamless integration into the system,” he said. “We’ve gone from just leisure-type service to leisure and business.”

Wood County Commissioner Bob Tebay, a member of the Wood County Airport Authority, said the announcement is great, especially with Hino Motors Manufacturing USA renovating the former Coldwater Creek facility and oil and gas activity in the region.

“It’s going to really help the airport and the traffic up there,” Tebay said. “We’re excited about the advances at the airport, and it’s wonderful for the community.”