Help needed to remove mud from flower bed

The attractive flower beds that welcome visitors to the city are thanks to the dedicated volunteers with Marietta in Bloom. Getting those beds back in shape might require some extra hands, however.

According to volunteer Russ Schreiber, one of the beds took a hit during the recent floods. The flower bed in lower Sacra Via Park, near the River Trail on the Muskingum River, was under water, with heavy mud left behind.

“We (Russ and wife, Tammy) have the one near the Valley Gem, but it’s a raised bed and it’s up higher anyway, so it was fine. All the rest are OK,” he said.

Nancy Mendocino, of Devola, is the Marietta in Bloom member in charge of the Sacra Via plot.

“There was some concern over the amount of silt, but that can actually be a good thing. And it wasn’t under water long enough to do any major damage. It’s going to be OK … and there are already plants coming up,” she said.

The silt won’t be removed because it is drying out and there was little to no harmful debris left over. There was no damage to the structure and volunteers say it will only require a good mulching to get back in shape. The plot is home to irises, hydrangeas and crepe myrtle.

There are eight locations around town where the volunteers, along with leadership students from Marietta College, will begin mulching the last Saturday of March. Each plot has its own individual theme or “personality”. Plans are to make each one a little more low maintenance to save time and money.

“We’ve discussed planting more perennials and using more ground cover plants that require us to use less mulch,” Schreiber said.

Students at the Washington County Career Center have already begun planting upwards of 1,000 seedlings for use in the various beds.

Marietta in Bloom is an official part of America in Bloom, the national organization which promotes nationwide beautification through education and community involvement by encouraging the use of flowers, plants, trees and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements. America in Bloom is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and contributions to AIB are tax deductible.

Schreiber said their group is looking for new members and encourages young people especially to get involved. The next meeting will be held at the Schreibers’ home, 515 Front St., on April 16 at 2 p.m. The group also has a Facebook page,

At a glance

Marietta in Boom sites:

¯ Harmar — entrance sign area.

¯ Big Lots — entrance sign area.

¯ Colegate Drive — entrance sign area.

¯ Walking Gardens — Sacra Via and walking trail.

¯ Triangle — Muskingum Drive and Front Street .

¯ Fair entrance — Fair Avenue and Front Street.

¯ Valley Gem — Front Street.

¯ Museum (three areas around Campus Martius), Second and Washington streets.

Get involved

¯ Marietta in Bloom will meet April 16 at the home of Russ and Tammy Schreiber, 515 Front St.

¯ Facebook page: