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Photo submitted by Beth Bauerbach Alex Bauerbach, right, played one of the wise men — among other roles — in the recent Mid-Ohio Valley Players production of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Alex Bauerbach is headed for a life of serving others. The Marietta High School senior has been active in Scouts and 4-H for a decade or more, helps others through his church and a public service program and intends to study to become a middle school teacher.

Question: You’re involved in a program called Carteens. What is it?

Answer: The Washington County Court selects people who have traffic violations and sends them to this program. Carteens, our group, give them a presentation on the law. I heard about it from adult leaders who recommended that I get involved and try it out. The people walk in, a state trooper talks them through different things and we give our presentation. We added a sort of Jeopardy game to make it more interesting.

Q: What do you do for the Washington County Fair?

A: I help run the Junior Fair building. We have a demonstration contest where young people come in and present their projects. We hand out awards, and generally run the Junior Fair part of the program.

Q: What’s the Backyard Gang?

A: That’s my 4-H club. I’ve been involved with them for 10 years. I’m not necessarily interested in agriculture as a career, but I like being involved in youth organizations.

Q: You’re an Eagle Scout. What did you do for your project?

A: I built a playground for my church, Our Lady of Mercy in Lowell, in September 2017. I’ve seen people playing on it several times since then. It’s good to know I’ve done something like that.

Q: You were in the school production of Shrek. What do you like about drama?

A: I was a guard and a mad hatter. It’s not the drama so much I like. I just enjoy working with the people who are involved in it.

Q: Is the church an important part of your life?

A: I enjoy it, helping out with the church and working with others there.

Q: What is your career aim?

A: I think I’m going into middle childhood education, becoming a middle school teacher. I feel that’s the age when children start to become young adults, they begin to grow more in their faith and as persons.

Q: What is your plan for college?

A: I’ve been accepted at Walsh University near Canton.

Q: Do you think you’ll come back to the Mid-Ohio Valley to work and live?

A: Yes, I really like living here and I think there is a lot of opportunity.

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Alex Bauerbach

≤ Age: 18.

≤ School: Senior at Marietta High School.

≤ Residence: Marietta.

≤ Family: Mother, Beth Bauerbach, 42; father, Dave Bauerbach, 42; siblings Kari, 15, Emma, 13, and Brett, 10.

≤ Activities: Carteens, 4-H, Washington County Fair, Eagle Scout, Mid-Ohio Valley Players, alter boy at Our Lady of Mercy church in Lowell

≤ Goals: To become a middle school teacher.