MC to test new

emergency system

Marietta College will be testing a new emergency system on campus on Thursday. The new system has the ability to activate a loud warning on campus from locations on top of Hermann Fine Arts Center and the McDonough building,and officials can also talk through them. If members of the community hear the system on Thursday, it is a test.

Civil War Roundtable studies abolition

The next regular meeting of the Civil War Roundtable of the Mid-Ohio Valley will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 15, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 230 Second St. in Marietta. The featured presentation will be delivered by Bill Reynolds, historian, Campus Martius and Ohio River museums, entitled Pathway to Freedom – Foundation for the Abolitionist Movement.

Pathway to Freedom explores how various members of the Ohio Company worked to eliminate slavery in the Northwest Territories, and later the State of Ohio. Men such as Manasseh Cutler who helped craft the Ordinance of 1787 prohibiting slavery in the Northwest Territories and his son, Ephraim Cutler, whose vote prevented slavery in Ohio, were reasoning voices against the immoral principles of slavery. Christopher Malbone was the first black male to cast a vote in the Territory.

This single vote represented a large step forward to freedom for all African-Americans. The Marietta settlement stepped forward against the slavery.

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