New boutique relocating from N.C. to open on Front St.

For Emma Blaney, opening a business in Marietta has grown out of family involvements.

EmLeigh’s and Mama B’s boutique is relocating to downtown Marietta from High Point, N.C.

“I’ve been in North Carolina most of my life, but now I live in Vienna with my fiance,” Blaney said. “I’ve dated him for a long time and been here a lot. It seemed like on weekends we would always head to Marietta. I like that downtown feeling, the walking traffic. I like the big windows, it gives you the feeling it’s been here for a while and people take care of it and support it.”

Blaney said she was pleasantly surprised at how low the overhead costs in Marietta are compared to North Carolina.

“We waited for a place, and an old consignment store opened up on Front Street, and we just grabbed it,” she said.

Blaney said she and her mother have four years experience running a boutique, and they offer styles for both college students and young women — Blaney is 27 — and other lines for more mature women.

“It’s a mother-daughter store. When I was in college, this is what I proposed I wanted to do. I managed a boutique in college and learned from that,” she said. “Mom and I thought it would be something we could do together.”

The store offers mostly clothing but will also have lines of jewelry, gifts and accessories, Blaney said.

“We want it to be inviting, there will be a seating area, we want it to be a place that’s fun to come into and hang out,” she said.

Blaney said the store, which is being renovated, will hold its grand opening May 4, coinciding with the Marietta Main Street First Fridays event.

Debbie Cline, one of the owners of Twisted Sisters Boutique on Front Street and a member of the Marietta Main Street board, said the new shop moving in is an indication that things are going well for the downtown area.

“I think it’s great,” she said. “The more we have downtown, the more people will come downtown.”

She credits the First Fridays events, now in their second year, for drawing more interest.

“First Fridays is helping, people are getting into the swing,” she said. “Every month we have a different theme. In April we had Marietta’s 230th birthday.”

May’s theme, she said, will be a take-off on the Kentucky Derby, which runs on May 5. It will be called the Marietta Derby Trot, with lanes chalked off on the road and costumed participants — ranging from a T-rex to a pig outfit — rolling dice to determine how far they get to move.

Bystanders can place “bets” which will be split between charities and Marietta Main Street.

At a glance

¯ EmLeigh’s and Mama B’s.

¯ Mother-daughter operation.

¯ 187 Front St.

¯ Opening May 4.