Bricks for sale for Beverly shrine

There’s a brick for Leland “Red” Cronin, who served in the Army during World War I.

There’s another for Melvin Wainwright, who served with the Navy during World War II.

The grandson and son of those veterans, Steve Wainwright, is just one local resident to pay tribute to loved ones by including them in a Beverly monument near Fort Frye High School. Along with a marble marker, flags and landscaping, the site has paving bricks all around it with names of heroes and loved ones.

“I loved the idea for this, absolutely,” said Wainwright, an Army veteran himself. “It’s been great to have.”

The monument was dedicated on May 21, 2005 after a fundraising effort by the Beverly Lions Club. Now the club wants to remind people that bricks inscribed with the names of veterans are still for sale.

“We have about 200 names now and have room for several hundred more,” said John Shreve, Lions Club member and past president. “There were a bunch in the early drive and then it slowed down.”

The bricks are meant to honor both veterans and those actively serving in the military now, said Shreve.

“The original idea came from member Helen Harless, who passed away a couple of years ago,” he said. “She was the driving force behind it. In fact, she designed the monument. Her husband had been active in the military.”

The bricks were all redone after a car accident damaged the site several years ago, Shreve said, and the monument looks better than ever.

The cost for a brick is $25 and the majority of the money is spent on maintenance of the site, he said.

The monument is beautifully maintained, said Wainwright, who owns Wainwright’s Fine Jewelry in Beverly.

“The Lions do such a wonderful job of keeping it up,” he said. “I see them constantly planting flowers and putting down mulch. So many times people put up a monument and forget about it but they really care for it.”

The Beverly Legion and Auxiliary also lend a hand, said Shreve, regularly providing new flags for the monument.

Those interested in purchasing a brick can contact Shreve at 740-984-4414 or by email at