City opts to stay with Rumpke with 5-year contract

Marietta residents will benefit from lower trash rates starting in July.

They will see a savings of 14 to 16 cents per month thanks to the awarding of the new five-year trash and recycling contract after the city took bids for the service.

“Rumpke has consistently served this community well and at a value,” said Safety-Service Director Jonathan Hupp Tuesday. “After the bid results came in we are staying with Rumpke.”

Hupp said the three bidders this round were Rumpke, Kimble and Waste Management, but when the administration weighed the rates, route knowledge and additional services offered, Rumpke had the best package.

“All three have a presence in the Mid-Ohio Valley. The Parkersburg area is served by Waste Management, Belpre has Belpre and the city has had Rumpke for several years,” he explained. “All three were at the table but only two submitted qualified bids.”

The two that offered competitive packages were Rumpke and Waste Management, Hupp said.

“The city has had excellent guidance from the Solid Waste Management District (lead by) Rob Reiter over the years,” he added. “He has been instrumental in pulling together the necessary national and state aspects of trash, rubbish and recycling to get us the best competitors at the table.”

With the continuation of the relationship with Rumpke, residents will still see the quarterly service of one free bulk item pickup, the opportunity to take yard waste to Greenleaf Landscaping’s mulch site on Ohio 821, and the current recycling curbside pickup.

“The city especially encourages residents to take advantage of those,” said Hupp. “Clear your porch, your basement, your backyard of those bulky couches and your leaves.”

Nick Rupert, Rumpke’s municipal sales representative for the area, was delighted to find out Rumpke was awarded the newest bid Tuesday.

“We’ve been with the city for 10 years,” he said. “Nothing has changed with recycling and what we’ll take.”

Rupert noted the following items can be recycled:

¯ Newspaper, including inserts.

¯ Clean pizza boxes.

¯ Magazines, catalogs and telephone books.

¯ Office paper, junk mail and folders.

¯ Flattened cardboard and paperboard.

¯ Plastic bottles and jugs.

¯ Aluminum, steel and tin cans.

¯ Drink cartons as long as caps and straws are removed.

¯ Cleaned glass bottles and jars of any color.

Unacceptable materials for the recycling bin include:

¯ Plastic bags.

¯ Styrofoam.

¯ Medical sharps or syringes.

¯ Window or drinking glass.

¯ Coat hangers or scrap metal.

¯ Plastics that are not bottles or jugs.

Hupp also mentioned that the commercial properties in town which need larger trash capacity are also to be offered favorable rates over the next five years.

According to the bid sheet, for commercial customers the following rates apply:

¯ $64.84 per 2 cubic-yard dumpster rental.

¯ $75.81 per 3 cubic-yard dumpster rental.

¯ $90.77 per 4 cubic-yard dumpster rental.

¯ $115.71 per 6 cubic-yard dumpster rental.

The new rates will take effect July 1.


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