Ford wins 12th term as Williamstown mayor

WILLIAMSTOWN — With all precincts reporting there will be a change in the makeup of the Williamstown City Council in July.

In unofficial totals for the May 2018 election, incumbent councilman Ron Erb finished third and the council’s newest member will be Jim Parker.

Incumbent Marty Seufer led the field with 548 votes, followed by Parker with 496 votes and Erb with 424 votes.

In the mayor’s race Mayor Jean Ford was re-elected with 456 votes and challenger Paul Jordan had 421 votes.

Ford, who will begin her 12th term in July, said she was happy with Tuesday’s results.

“I’ve worked on a couple of things and there are some other things coming up like the round about, the new school and the new community center using the new section of the old elementary school,” she said. “All of these things are what is in my future. We’ve got two more years to get all of them completed, who knows what is in store.”

Ford also said she was looking forward to working with a new councilman, Jim Parker.

“Ron has been wonderful to work with,” she said. “Jim will be a good council person; in Williamstown we are known for working together.”

Jordan, a former councilman, said he was surprised at how close the results were.

“Congratulations to the mayor, she has done a good job for the last 22 years,” he said. “She is a wonderful lady and has done a great job. I would have liked to have won, but it was close.”

Parker said he was looking forward to his first term on council.

“I’m looking forward to working with the others on projects in the city,” he said.

Parker said the projects he looks forward to working on are turning the new section of the old elementary school into a senior citizens- community center and working on the city’s infrastructure. He added he would like to see the recycling program in Williamstown expanded.

Seufer; who led the vote totals all evening, said he sees the next four years as an exciting time for Williamstown.

“I look forward to working to get a new community center in the old elementary school,” he said. “I think the next four years will be exciting.”