Wood BOE election results

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Board of Education will welcome three new members in July.

Candidates Rick Olcott, Justin Raber and Debbie Hendershot were elected to the board Tuesday evening. Olcott received 5,200 votes, Raber received 5,180, and Hendershot received 4,983.

The new board members will begin July 1.

“I am very thankful for and humbled by the support,” said Olcott, who had previously served on the school board. “There is much work ahead, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

“I am very humbled to be elected,” Hendershot said. “I can’t wait to work with all the parents, students and staff to make the board fiscally responsible and beneficial for everyone.”

Raber said “I want to thank everyone who believes that children are the future of this community and that we have challenges ahead of us that we need to tackle as a united community.”

Candidate Judy Johnson received the third-highest vote count with 5,163 votes, but did not win a seat. Both Johnson and Raber are from District B, which can have a maximum of two board members. Sitting board member Rick Tennant also is from District B, leaving only one slot available, and Johnson was bumped from the running.

“I did this with a lot of support from my friends and from people in education, and I really appreciate all the help they’ve given me,” Johnson said. “I wanted to be a voice for Williamstown. We haven’t had a voice on the board for quite a long time. But it’s been a wonderful experience.”

Incumbents Jimmy Asbury and Peggy Smith received 3,543 and 3,139 votes, respectively.

Both Asbury and Smith have served a single term, which will end June 30.

“I’d like to thank the people who did vote for me,” Smith said. “I would love to see the public back those that got in, because I do think we had some great candidates. They all seem like very smart people and I think they will do well on the board.”

Asbury said he wished the new board members well and was grateful for all the support he did receive.

“I just wish I’d been able to leave the board in better shape than when I got there,” he said.

Candidates Garett Foggin and Walter Bonnell received 2,022 and 1,809 votes, respectively