WSCC recognizes longtime employees

In May, Washington State Community College recognized several employees for their longterm dedication to the education and lives of the students. Employees were recognized for five, 10, 15, and 25 years of service, as well as those retiring.

Tiffany Laipply, director of Upward Bound at WSCC, was recognized for five years of service. Laipply began her career as the assistant director of Upward Bound in September 2008, and recently became director in January this year. Upward Bound is a grant funded program here at WSCC that focuses on getting high school students interested in going to college. Laipply is currently working on her Ph. D. and expects to complete it in the next two years.

Other employees recognized for five years of service at Washington State Community College: Jason Lowther, Sandra Morgenstern, Elizabeth Ruth, Susan Mentink, Stacie Manter, and Teresa Beach. Laura Garcia, Mark Kessler, and Marcie Arnold were recognized for 10 years of dedication. For 15 years of employment at WSCC, Ginger Mayle, Tanya Wilder, John Richardson, and Tricia Schaad.

Dr. Dean Hirschi, Heather Kincaid, Dr. Deborah Thomas, Donna Muntz, and Richard Thomas were acknowledged for 20 years of service to Washington State Community College.

Retiring this year was Janet Schilling, M. Ed., interim dean, Arts & Sciences. Schilling was part of the WSCC faculty for 25 years.

Also recognized were Richard Anderson and Debra Doak, both with 30 year terms at Washington State Community College. With 75 terms of service, Dr. Bradley Ebsersole, Ph.D., president, WSCC, congratulated Howard Tornes for his outstanding commitment and dedication.