Local woman completes degree in health promotion

Erin Dutton, a 30-year-old graduate of Warren High School, recently joined over 5,000 other graduates in receiving bachelor degrees from Arizona State University, Tempe. She majored in ASU’s College of Health Solution’s new program in nutrition and health promotion.

Dutton began her studies at Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, found her focus in courses in anatomy and physiology at Washington State Community College, Marietta, and completed her degree online at the Arizona institution. Sports fans may know the school for its “Sun Devils” football team.

She is applying her training as a fitness coach to assist area individuals or company groups in achieving healthier lifestyles through guided workouts, nutrition knowledge, and healthy eating. Her company is Shine Fitness and may be reached at 740-538-1823 or at shine_fitness@yahoo.com.

Dutton said she is excited about bringing comprehensive health training to the Marietta area. “The stresses of modern life require a lifestyle approach to fitness. We start with a baseline evaluation, map out an individualized program for better health, and set points of progress so participants can see and feel the payoff for their commitment,” she explained. She is the mother of a son, Walker, nearly 2 years old and the daughter of Dave and Lauren Dutton of Marietta.