Gray completes ‘Head Shape Matters’ class in Boston, Mass.

New haircutting system uses mathematical formulations

Anne Gray, a hairstylist at Serenity Now Hair Salon, is using mathematical formulations to create haircuts customized to her clients’ head shapes.

Gray successfully completed a five-day hands on “Head Shape Matters” class in June in Boston, Mass. She also completed a seven-week online haircutting training using mannequins, prior to the five-day hands on in Boston, becoming one of only 200 people world-wide to be certified in this system of haircutting.

“In 2008 I had an eye-opening experience while working behind the chair,” said HSM creator Kim Weaver Moore.

“Two clients came in with the same picture and wanted identical haircuts, I cut each one exactly the same but the haircut shape looked different on each of them,” said Moore. “The only thing that was difference was the shape of each client’s head.”

After four years immersed in intense research, Moore developed a system to assess the client’s individual head shape and create a formula that results in flawless, customized haircuts. Moore was awarded a U.S. Patent on the system in 2015.

“I’m so excited to be able to bring this revolutionary system to my guests,” said Gray. “Because each haircut is formulated exclusively for them I can recreate it exactly, every time, if they choose.”

“It was exciting to watch Anne master the HSM system at certification. I’ve followed her closely since and I am so impressed by the quality of her work,” said Moore.