Man accidentally shot in the ankle at local gun show

A Parkersburg man was shot in the ankle Sunday at a gun show at the Comfort Inn in Marietta.

Though the incident is still under investigation, it’s being regarded as an accident, said Capt. Jeff Waite of the Marietta Police Department. “It definitely was not done in malice. The two men are very good friends,” said Waite.

Though the department is not yet releasing the name of the gun owner due to the pending investigation, Waite said the man was in the process of trading his gun, a 1911-style semi automatic handgun, with another individual at the gun show.

“He went to remove the gun from its holster and unload the ammunition I believe and the gun somehow misfired,” said Waite.

William Shawver, 46, of 418 Avery St., Parkersburg, who was shot, was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital to receive treatment for a gunshot wound to his right ankle.

Shawver was still at Marietta Memorial Hospital Monday evening, said a nursing official.