Car burglar on the prowl in Norwood

Residents in Marietta’s Norwood neighborhood have been keeping an extra watchful eye on the area lately.

A man spotted burglarizing cars on Oakwood Avenue and brandishing a knife at a resident just less than two weeks ago remains at large, and residents are hoping that the extra vigilance will deter any future criminals.

“Since everybody is friends here they keep an eye out for each other,” said Doug Hesson, 46.

Hesson’s wife’s car was one of at least three neighborhood cars that was entered May 16. There was nothing taken from the vehicle, which was unlocked at the time, said Hesson.

When the suspect was spotted, he was taking a bag with a laptop computer out of one vehicle. Hesson’s neighbor confronted the man and as a result he dropped all of the stolen goods before making a getaway.

But still the incident, and other neighborhood crimes they have heard about recently are enough to give the Hessons pause.

“Not long ago our neighbor came down to find people downstairs stealing in broad daylight,” he said.

It is enough to make him feel like criminals are targeting the neighborhood, he said.

“It is concerning,” said Oakwood Avenue resident Candice Arnold, 28, of the recent car burglaries.

The suspect on Oakwood had pulled a knife on the neighbor who confronted him, she noted.

“I even keep the screen locked because I’m scared to be here alone during the day,” said Arnold.

Greene Street resident Kristin Campbell noted that she would like to see more of a police presence after thefts and break-ins in the area.

“As busy as this street is, you don’t see police as much as you think you would,” said Campbell, 31.

Marietta Police Department Capt. Jeff Waite said officers have been patrolling the area “as much as possible.”

The department has been shorthanded due to some recent retirements and resignations but is expected to have three new officers hired soon, said Waite.

Both Campbell and her next door neighbor have previously been the victims of crimes. About three years ago someone broke into cars that were parked in Campbell’s garage, she said.

Last summer, her neighbors had a grill stolen from their yard, she said.

“People are carrying guns and knives. If these people are brave enough to break in in the middle of the day, who knows what they’re capable of,” she said.

But, Campbell added that the crimes do not really cause her any nervousness. Her husband is often home during the day and the neighbors are watchful, she said.

Oakwood Avenue resident Jennifer Hamilton added that while she has heard of burglaries in the area, she feels like the neighborhood is becoming more safe.

“I feel like the area has improved,” she said, citing more watchful neighbors and spruced up houses.

The Hamiltons also take the necessary precautions-locking doors and not leaving valuables in the car, she said.

Last week, the Marietta Police Department caught who had allegedly stolen from vehicles in the Fifth Street area of Marietta.

The man, Michael D. Boyer, 30, of 169 West St., Jackson, was arrested for receiving stolen property after he was caught trying to sell a stolen GPS door to door the same day of the thefts.

The Marietta Police Department is looking for tips or information that would result in an arrest for the Norwood burglaries.

The Norwood suspect was described as a male in his 40s with short sandy blond hair and a mustache.