Graduation: 185 move on from Warren Friday

Clare Goodman’s message to those listening was a simple one.

“Ready or not, here we come.”

Goodman was one of five valedictorians that made up part of the 185 graduates of Warren High School’s Class of 2013 during graduation ceremonies Friday night at the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center at Marietta College.

“We’re just beginning our own game of Hide and Seek,” Goodman said. “We’re not searching for friends hiding behind bushes. We’re searching for our futures.”

A co-salutatorian, Caleb Nicholas said he once didn’t think he would learn enough during his four years at the Warren.

“I won’t have to leave these lessons,” he said “Show the world what it means to come from Warren.”

Similarly, Katelyn Chamarro didn’t want to forget what she picked up while a Warrior when she continues her studies at The Ohio State University.

“Warren High School has equipped us with the tools to be a success,” she said. “Moving forward, we will be the best we can be.”

While waiting for the start of the ceremony for her granddaughter, Mackenzie Ullman, Gertie Fryman, 77, recalled her own Marietta High School graduation in 1954.

“We had a good time,” Fryman said. “We all went to a party at the (Marietta) country club.”

However, it was Ullman’s night this time.

“We hate to see her grow up, but we are glad for her,” Fryman said.

Three friends, Cory Fox, 18, of Little Hocking, Josh Kurek, 19, of Barlow, and Amanda Terry, 18, of Cutler, were nervous but excited.

“We’ve been there for the last four years, and we’re just getting started.” Cox said.

Kurek said he plans to stay at home to figure out where the next four years will take him.

Terry said she would miss the band the most.

“They’ve kind of been my family away from family,” she said.