Serving you: Hard at work all summer

School is out for the summer for Marietta City Schools, giving most students, teachers and staff a break.

For a few people, however, there is no break.

Troy Lee is one of those people.

Lee said he used to work for McDonald’s and enjoyed it, but he decided he needed to move on. That was 13 years ago.

Now, Lee is head custodian and will be hard at work all summer – along with his crew of five people – cleaning and repairing around and after summer school and driver’s education classes leading up to the start of school in August.

Question: What are your responsibilities throughout the summer?

Answer: We have to scrub and wax floors, dust, scrub walls and sanitize everything. When school starts, it has to be ready.

Q: What are some of the repairs you typically have to make?

A: We have to fix holes in walls. There are a lot of screws loose out of chairs. And of course, the lights (changing the ones that have burnt out etc).

Q: What is your daily schedule?

A: I work 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Q: Do you normally help teachers move in or move out?

A: A lot of teachers retire, or they move from room to room. I try to help them. The home ec room is moving four rooms down. We’ll have to move counter tops and stoves.

Q: What is the worst thing about working at school all summer?

A: The heat.

Q: What is the best thing about working at Marietta High School?

A: Seeing the happy faces. Especially when the freshmen come up, they are all scared.

Q: What would you do if you didn’t work at Marietta High School?

A: I’d work on cars or maybe go back to McDonald’s.

Q: What is involved in the cleaning of furnishings?

A: Moving and washing furniture. Every piece of furniture, we have to pick up, take it out, clean it then put it back.

Q: How would the teachers and the administration view your work?

A: They would say I do a very good job. I try to get whatever the teachers ask me for. I try to get it moved for fixed.

Q: How did you spend some of your time off from work?

A: I have donated time for benefits (such as spaghetti dinners to raise money for students). It’s good to give back to the community.

Phil Foreman conducted this interview.