Fort Frye will partially pay back general fund

BEVERLY – The Fort Frye Local Board of Education voted Thursday to return almost $15,000 to the general fund to repay a portion of money used for cafeteria and sports transportation expenses.

The board voted 3-0, with President Johnna Zalmanek and board member Lisa Perry absent, to accept a recommendation to move $10,487 from the lunchroom fund and $4,500 from the athletics fund to the general fund. The amounts are partial payments on advances made to the funds more than three years ago, Treasurer Melcie Wells said during Thursday’s meeting at Beverly-Center Elementary School.

“It’s nice to see both of these funds are able to pay it back,” board Vice President Charlie Schilling said.

Wells said more than $31,000 had been transferred from the general fund to the lunchroom account a few years ago to make up for a shortfall there, while $22,500 had been advanced to the athletic fund to assist with transportation costs. The board’s finance committee will continue to monitor both funds in an effort to eventually reimburse the full amounts, she said.

The money transferred into the general fund is about $2,500 more than the amount transferred out in the same resolution. A total of $12,423.87 was moved to the Uniform School Supplies Fund, which consists of fees paid by students for materials. Because some students are exempt from the fee based on family income, the fund consistently finishes the year in the red, Wells said. The additional money is used to make sure no student goes without needed supplies.

The amount transferred Thursday is “right in line with what we’ve had to do in years past,” Wells said.

In other business:

The board approved 3-0 a five-year lease agreement with Document Solutions to handle all of the district’s copier equipment. Previously, the district had about a dozen machines leased through multiple companies at different rates for different lengths of time.

Not only should the new agreement streamline those arrangements, but it will save the district $17,329.64 a year, a savings of 41 percent, Wells said.

Document Solutions, a Xerox agency, will also buy out the district’s existing contracts, she said.

Incoming Superintendent Stephanie Starcher said there will be a special meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday, July 30, at Beverly-Center where the board will act on the anticipated resignation of district curriculum director and special education coordinator Noreen Mullens.

Starcher said Mullens, who has been with the district for two years, is becoming the superintendent of a northern Ohio school district.

The job has been posted, and Starcher said she, departing superintendent Tom Gibbs, staff representatives and a board member will interview candidates with the goal of having a recommendation for a replacement at the July 30 meeting.