MHS project going well, board told

Work is moving along well on an addition to the Academy Drive side of Marietta High School and construction of an enclosed walkway between the main building and gym/auditorium facility, according to a report during Monday’s Marietta Board of Education meeting.

“For as wet as it has been this summer, the work is looking good. The gym roof has been dried in, and it looks like the contractor will meet the project schedule,” said school board member Bill Hutchinson.

Dave Davis, the district’s facilities, transportation and safety director, agreed.

“The contractor has been keeping his crews on the job,” he said. “The work is coming along very well. They’ve been working in the rain, doing whatever needs to be done. And the contractor is currently working on the interior area of the gym complex.”

The contractor on the $596,300 project is Grae-Con Construction of Marietta, and Davis said he expects most of the project will be completed before students return to classes in late August, although some work will still remain at that time. He said the entire project should be finished before the end of this year.

Davis also noted an asbestos crew began removing floor tiles from eight MHS classrooms that were damaged due to a large heating system leak earlier this year. He said the water had caused the tiles to lift which could have exposed asbestos underneath the tiles.

Once the crew removes all the old tiles another crew will lay new flooring in those rooms, he said, adding that work would be completed before school begins.

District superintendent Harry Fleming said teachers will be returning to the high school classrooms on Aug. 22.

Fleming also noted more staff development courses have been scheduled during the summer months this year.

“Our teachers truly want to be involved in staff development during the summer,” he said. “One concern we heard from some parents was that teachers were being released during regular school days to meet staff development requirements. Having these in-service days during the summer helps keep teachers in classrooms with the children when school is in session.”

An end of fiscal year report filed by board treasurer Matt Reed showed the district ended fiscal year 2013 with a total of all funds balance of $5.75 million and an unencumbered bank fund balance of $3.75 million.

He added that the employees health insurance line item ended the year with a $1.7 million balance.

“We’ve had another good year that has ended well,” he said. “And we hope that will continue through the next fiscal year.”