Soggy days common during June

Washington County’s farmers seem to be happy about the weather the Mid-Ohio Valley has experienced during June.

Nearly two inches more rain fell in Marietta than is normal during the month, totaling up to 6.46 inches.

The average high temperature for the month was 81.4 and the average low 62.4 degrees.

“We’re fine,” said Janet Stacy, owner of Stacy Family Farm in Oak Grove. “We made it through strawberry season. The rest of the crops like the weather. We have no complaints.”

Marietta weather watcher Charlie Worsham said June weather had a few extremes.

“We were like a yo-yo this year,” he said.

Early in the month, the valley had temperatures in the 70s mixed with 80s. Some of those mornings in early June were on the chilly side, according to Worsham’s statistics. That mix of temperatures was followed by at least seven straight days of temperatures in the upper 80s.

The rain that fell during June was a welcomed site to the farmers and their crops, as well.

“We needed the rain,” said Mona Barrett, owner of Sweetapple Farm in Vincent. “When the rain came, we had plenty of rain. The pumpkins are growing nicely. The corn for the corn maze is growing nicely. Usually, it’s a little dry around the Fourth of July.”

While the corn and the pumpkins are preparing themselves for fall harvest and the farm’s activities, there still is some summer left around Sweetapple.

“We’ll have blackberries ready later in July,” Barrett said.

Meteorologist Liz Sommerfield with the National Weather Service in Charleston, W.Va. said, at least for the next seven days, July will have the region in much the same pattern as the past several days.

“Temperatures will remain steady in the mid-80s, then a cool down for a couple of days, then back up to the mid-80s,” Sommerfield said.

The area also can expect more showers and pop-up thunderstorms, too, Sommerfield said.