Burglar’s request to intermittent sentence denied

A Vincent man who failed to show up to his Tuesday sentencing on a breaking and entering charge did not receive any extra penalties when he turned himself in Wednesday.

Shannon Hines, 25, of 1220 Brackenridge Road, faced a possible prison sentence for breaching his personal recognizance bond by failing to show up to his Tuesday sentencing because he had a toothache.

However, Hines was sentenced Wednesday according to the original agreed disposition. He received 60 days in the Washington County Jail and three years of community control for a fifth-degree felony count of breaking and entering.

He was also ordered to pay $1,000 restitution for stealing a video game system and other items from the Marietta home which he illegally entered on or around Aug. 22.

Hines asked that he be allowed to begin his sentence at a later date to attend a Wednesday evening dentist appointment.

His attorney Nancy Brum also asked that he be allowed to serve his sentence intermittently-15 days a month.

“(Social Security Disability) is his only source of income and he doesn’t want to lose it,” said Brum.

Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Burnworth hesitantly allowed Hines to attend his dental appointment, but denied his request for an intermittent sentence.

“One of the consequences of committing a crime is not being able to go and get benefits,” he said.

Burnworth ordered Hines to appear for his 60 day sentence Friday by 6 p.m. If he fails to appear, Hines will be ordered to serve the entire one-year prison sentence his fifth-degree felony allows.